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Green security?

These days, “green” is being used to market everything from cars and light bulbs to cleaning products. Now security vendors are jumping on the bandwagon to promote their products as good for the environment.

Astaro today issued a press release touting its unified threat management (UTM) appliances as facilitating “greener networks.” The technology, according to the vendor, allows customers to remove up to 10 standalone products, thereby limiting computer waste and reducing electricity consumption between 50 percent and 1000 percent, depending on the number of network security point products deployed and their power draw.

“Astaro is committed to greener networking,” Astaro CEO Jan Hichert proclaimed. The Astaro Security Gateway gives customers an affordable way to create “a far greener network environment,” he said.

Given how reluctant executive management can be when it comes to buying security, going green might be a tough sell. But if it improves the bottom line, then we’re talking.

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Microsoft has been green for a long time....all those restarts and crashes save a lot of electricity!!! I could not resist. But really, we are a security reseller and TT customer, so I will definitely look into them. Michael Rowles SMB Security CopiaTECH