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ICANN transfers EstDomains customers to Directi

After a few delays, ICANN has officially transferred all of the domains that formerly belonged to registrar EstDomains to another registrar in response to EstDomain’s president being convicted of several crimes earlier this year. ICANN, which governs the use of top-level domains and accredits domain registrars, said it is transferring the domains that had belonged to EstDomains over to Directi Internet Solutions. The action comes more than a month after ICANN originally notified EstDomains of its decision to de-accredit the regitsrar, which is based in Estonia. The company has been linked to a number of malware distributors and has been a target of security researchers and antispam activists for years.

EstDomains was informed on 28 October 2008 that ICANN was terminating the company’s accreditation due to its president’s conviction for credit card fraud, money laundering and document forgery. ICANN stayed that termination following  correspondence with EstDomains. However, after further investigation, ICANN decided to go ahead with the termination, effective yesterday, 24 November 2008.

In accordance with the De-Accredited Registrar Transition Procedure, ICANN put out a request for statements of interest from registrars interested in receiving a bulk transfer of the names formerly managed by EstDomains.

As part of that procedure, EstDomains is permitted to designate a gaining registrar. It chose to use that option and identified ICANN-accredited registrar Directi. ICANN reviewed that request and approved it.

Earlier this year, Directi was implicated as helping to control EstDomains, but that report was later dismissed and Directi and the group that put out the report, HostExploit, have been collaborating on actions to try and stop domain registry abuse.

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