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Metasploit gets a facelift

HD Moore has just released an upgrade for his popular Metasploit attack application, complete with a new Windows interface that will allow more researchers to use it. Moore says in his Metasploit blog that Version 3.1 features a graphical user interface, full support for the Windows platform and over 450 modules, including 265 remote exploits.

The latest version includes a “bristling arsenal” of exploit modules that are sure to put a smile on the face of every information warrior, Moore says in a press release. “Notable exploits in the 3.1 release include a remote, unpatched kernel-land exploit for Novell Netware, written by toto, a series of 802.11 fuzzing modules that can spray the local airspace with malformed frames, taking out a wide swath of wireless-enabled devices, and a battery of exploits targeted at Borland’s InterBase product line,” he adds.

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