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More on the PatchLink-SecureWave merger

Analysis on the newly-announced merger between PatchLink and SecureWave continued to roll in after our stories were posted. Since these guys were kind enough to jot down some thoughts by email, I’m running them here.

To recap, security experts weren’t surprised when PatchLink announced it would acquire SecureWave in an all-stock merger. The move makes perfect sense for PatchLink, since IT shops are increasingly hungry for tools to help them better secure an increasing array of endpoint devices. But with larger IT infrastructure providers like Microsoft and IBM working more security into their offerings, analysts say it’s far from certain that PatchLink will enjoy an explosion of growth from this acquisition.

Charles Kolodgy, a research director at IDC, had this to say:

“There are a number of trends going on that make this an interesting acquisition. The one is that endpoint security is much more important than it was a few years ago. Attackers are going after individual end points and enterprises want better control of their endpoints. Another trend is the move towards reducing the number of agents enterprises need to install. Enterprises don’t want to load up their system with a lot of agents from many different vendors. Its costly, more difficult to install, to manage, ect. So if you can have an agent, or set of agents from one vendor it makes it easier for the enterprise.”

Gartner analyst Jay Heiser added his two cents:

“In the big picture, the security market has a greater interest in new features and functionality than it does in new agents and vendors, which suggests there will be more mergers and acquisitions like this. PatchLink wants to grow as a security vendor, providing greater functionality to a larger client base. An acquisition like this is consistent with such a growth strategy.” As for SecureWave, he said, “It’s Gartner’s position that the market addressed by SecureWave will disappear in a few years, both through acquisitions like this and through these vendors becoming obsolete when all they can offer is something that becomes a normal function of end place security product suites.”

These comments are pretty consistent with what industry experts have been saying as the industry continues to consolidate.

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