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New SQL injection worm making the rounds

The trend toward large-scale attacks against Web sites through the use of SQL injection is continuing, as experts at both the SANS Internet Storm Center and Shadowserver Foundation are tracking a newly discovered SQL injection worm that appears to be exploiting a RealPlayer flaw and dropping malware on vulnerable sites. The attacks are focusing on ASP pages and are using the familiar iFrame exploitation method that has been involved in a number of the recent mass SQL injection attacks. After a successful exploitation of a vulnerable PC, the infected Web site installs a binary on the user’s PC. The analysis of the attack done by the folks at Shadowserver shows that the binary is named “test.exe” and is just one link in a long chain of downloaders and malware.

“This binary that is download by this attack appears to be part of a kit we have seen in the Chinese malware family for some time now. The first thing this malware does once installed is download a configuration file. This configuration file has several commands and tells the system what to do next. In our instance it [tells it] to download yet another file and to report in to a URL,” the Shadowserver analysis says.

Fun for the whole family. Shadowserver also has a good list of some of the malicious sites and IP addresses that are serving the malware, for your filtering pleasure.

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