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Organizations lagging on cloud security training, survey shows

Symantec recently released some interesting findings from a survey the company conducted with the Cloud Security Alliance at the CSA Summit in February. The survey went beyond the usual sorts of basic questions to delve into organizations’ knowledge of cloud security. The results – albeit from a small sample size (128 respondents) — were a bit curious.

While 63% rated their cloud security efforts as good, 58% said their staff isn’t well prepared to secure their use of public cloud services. And although 68% said they think cloud security training is important for their organizations’ ability to use public cloud services, less than half (48%) planned to attend cloud security training over the next year. Eighty-six percent of respondents said protecting their organizations’ data was the top factor driving them to cloud security training.

In a blog post, Dave Elliott, senior product marketing manager of global cloud marketing at Symantec, summarized the survey findings:

“In short, what this survey reveals is that it’s important to have your own security for the cloud but that IT staff are not yet well prepared to secure the cloud.”

He added, “Cloud security needs leadership, and it requires standardized training and skills that will enable IT staff to confidently move into the cloud.”

Now, Symantec has a vested interest in promoting cloud security training – it’s partnered with the CSA to offer training for the CSA’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). But if organizations don’t feel prepared for securing cloud computing deployments, it’s a little strange more aren’t seeking out cloud security training for their staff.

I recall seeing a discussion on LinkedIn a few months ago in which security pros debated the value of the CCSK. Some noted that employers don’t recognize the relatively new certification. That will probably change sooner than later, though, as cloud services become more prevalent in the enterprise.

Interestingly, 56% of respondents to the Symantec-CSA survey said advancing their careers was a major factor in their decision to attend cloud security training.

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