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Panda Security launches $10k challenge

PR campaigns that involve cold hard cash always interest me. Panda Software is issuing a challenge to companies to test its network scanning software. Executives there are so confident that they will find malware that they are offering the first 10 companies that compete in the contest a $10,000 prize if the scan produces no results.

What will the scan look for? Just about everything.
• Trojans
• Worms
• Hacking Tools
• Viruses
• Spyware
• Adware
• Root-Kits
• Backdoor Tools
• Bots
• Dialers
• Vulnerabilities (exploits, etc)

I’m willing to bet that very few companies will be winning the prize. End-users probably have some spyware or adware on their machines. The definition of what exactly is adware is hazy as well.

Companies that win are subject to verification and audit processes and the company’s continued compliance with the official rules.

Does your firm qualify? Companies must be located in the U.S. The computer network must consist of 150 or more physical computers. All computers on the network must have been connected to the network and to the Internet consistently for no less than six months prior to the Challenge.

And oh yeah, the companies’ core businesses must not involve pornography or gambling. Those firms probably don’t need the extra $10k anyway.

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