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Searching for good researchers

After taking an epic beating a couple of weeks ago on my Patch Tuesday column, I decided to try a different tack this week and write about something that might also spark a discussion, but likely a less, ah, spirited one. All of us at SearchSecurity and Information Security magazine spend a lot of time talking to security experts, researchers, academics and security practitioners and one of the cool things about that is we often get to know people who are doing really interesting work. Often that work is done behind the scenes and doesn’t end up in the press, either because it’s sensitive or because the people doing it are too modest to shout about it.

So I decided to shout about it for them. The column I wrote for today is a look at six security researchers you should know who are doing innovative work. Any list of this kind is destined to be incomplete, but hopefully it will give readers an idea of the kind of research that’s happening all over the industry. I intentionally avoided including researchers who are already really well-known, with the exception of Joanna Rutkowska. I added her to the list for a couple of reasons, primarily because she is doing original work in areas–virtualization and rootkits–that are still fairly fresh ground. Also, I got strong endorsements from a couple of her peers whom I trust, which was good enough for me.

I’m interested to hear what readers think of the choices and who else I might have put on the list. I have my own set of honorable mentions, some of whom we’ll likely use in a future piece on young, up-and-coming stars in the research world, but I’m sure there are others we don’t even know about yet. So let us know.

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