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SonicWall-Aventail merger could lead to lost jobs

A few days after SonicWall announced it would acquire SSL VPN vendor Aventail for $25 million, I caught up with Patrick Sweeney, vice president of Aventail’s secure networking business unit, and Lewis Carpenter, the company’s chief operating officer. The focus of the conversation was on how Aventail would be absorbed into SonicWall and what that would mean for employees at both companies.

According to Sweeney, 75% of Aventail’s staff will stay on, but some jobs could go away on both sides.

“Our Seattle office will stay open and we fully intend to bring over a great deal of Aventail employees,” he says. But there will be redundancies to do away with, and he admitted it’s unlikely everyone will be able to stick around, not just from the Aventail side but among SonicWall staff as well.

Carpenter said both companies’ product lines will be maintained for now. No decisions have been made on what will happen in the long term.

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