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TJX tweaks data breach settlement offer

As we’ve heard, a federal judge in the TJX data breach case wasn’t happy with the settlement the retail giant recently offered for those whose credit card numbers were compromised. This morning comes word that TJX will be adjusting the settlement offer in response.

Evan Schuman wrote in his StorefrontBacktalk blog that the retail giant has agreed to offer victims a cash alternative to the voucher it made in the initial settlement proposal. “Under a new proposed settlement that was filed late Tuesday, attorneys for both sides are now proposing giving consumers a choice: either the $30 voucher or a $15 check,” Schuman wrote, adding, “The concern behind the voucher-only deal is that TJX was using the settlement as a way to potentially boost sales, relying on consumers to buy more than $30 worth of merchandise. The new proposal still makes the vouchers seem twice as compelling as the checks, but by offering a cash alternative, the proposal is more likely to get the approval of U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young.”

One respondent to Schuman’s blog called the latest turn of events “a total crock.” RabidWolf wrote: “$30 vouchers for merchandise that already didn’t sell at ’suggested retail? They won’t have my size, or anything I like anyway! And now, perhaps, the time money I had to spend to get a new credit card and number, repair anything that may have automatically used the old number, etcetera, is worth $15? What is that per hour? 37 cents? I am totally disgusted. At least the lawyers are happy.”

Dan Sullivan wrote in the Realtime Community Messaging and Web Security blog that every time a story comes out about the TJX breach, it’s like free advertising for data loss prevention vendors.

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