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The Vista SP1 tirade continues

The ugly reaction to Microsoft’s handling of Vista SP1 continues, with reams upon reams of Windows administrators taking the software giant to task in the TechNet plus blog for keeping the final service pack out of their hands for another six weeks.

One TechNet member, tziegmann, wrote of the delayed release, “I think this is a stupid decision on Nash’s part. He allows Server 2008 to go out the door to TechNet / MSDN folk, but doesn’t let Vista SP1, which by the way comes from the exact same codebase, and was RTMed today as well. IT Pros and developers pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have access to these resources, only to be given a dog and pony show. If you give us one, why not give us both?”

Another member, Brett, agreed, writing, “This is so silly. We are waiting on SP1 to try and prep our systems for vista deployment too. We need the code. Let us download, from our Volume Licensing site, or download center..or something. If it’s done….let us have. If there are driver issues…we can fix them….at least I can…that what I get paid to do. C’mon MS…set SP1 free!”

This comes on top of the sour reaction of Windows administrators I’ve interviewed regarding their experiences testing the Vista SP1 beta.

I’ve reached out to Microsoft in hopes of getting an interview with Mike Nash and have been rebuffed because of “his busy schedule.” My sense is that he’d be much more eager to do an interview if the reaction to SP1 was glowing.

Message to Microsoft: Customers do not like it when the top decision makers go into hiding in the face of a negative reaction to something as big as this.

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