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Top 5 security stories of 2007? You tell us

It’s that time of year where we in the news business love to make lists of the top news stories of the year. I’ve drawn up a Top 5 list of my own for your amusement, but admit that my judgment could be off. And so I ask you, the reader, to look over my list and tell me if there’s anything you would add or detract. I’ll work your feedback into our final Top 5 story.

My list:

5.) Problems slow the deployment of Windows Vista

IT professionals struggled mightily to make sense of Microsoft’s Windows Vista, but compatibility problems slowed enterprise-wide deployments to a crawl.

4.) Security of the iPhone in doubt

Apple’s iPhone — the year’s most hyped piece of technology — quickly gained the attention of hackers eager to find security weaknesses. It didn’t take them long to find something.

3.) The pain of PCI DSS

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) got plenty of attention as the list of data breaches grew and compliance deadlines approached. By year’s end many were still struggling to meet all of PCI DSS’s requirements, but that didn’t stop some experts from insisting on even tougher provisions.

2.) Malware takes cyberspace by Storm

When Storm was first discovered in January, it looked like another typical worm outbreak. But Storm kept spreading throughout 2007 and it soon became clear that the malware was the creation of sophisticated botnet builders. By year’s end, it was continuing to spread in the form of smaller, more customized botnets capable of launching a variety of attacks.

1.) TJX data breach exposes 94 million records

TJX acknowledged a massive data breach in January that ultimately exposed more than 94 million records to online fraud. To date, it is the biggest systems breach in history.

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I'll cast my vote for Storm, and here's why: Although TJX was a huge story and colossal mess, I think it's an outlier. The company made a series of mistakes that all cascaded down on them and produced a train wreck. So I don't think it's an indication of what we're going to see in the future. But Storm is. It's the new style. It is one of the early indications of the kind of malware we're going to be dealing with for years to come. It's the Prius of malware. Except without the self-righteous owners.
Without the TJX data breach, the 2007 security landscape would have been vastly different. And for that matter, the implications of this major incident/news story, will continued to be felt in the coming year. In a recently conducted survey, we (Utimaco) found nearly 70% of consumers expressing the intent to practice more vigilant online and in-store buying behaviors – more closely monitoring incoming bills and credit card activity, etc – after a year of high profile data breaches (especially TJX). Months later and the effects are still being felt, how could this not be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, security stories of the year?