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Uniqul offers facial recognition payment scheme.

I’m fairly sure that the folks at Uniqul are serious–they’ve recently announced a product that uses facial recognition to extract your payments when you buy things. You scan your purchases, it scans your face, and then you or somebody whose face is similar to yours pays for your stuff.

From their PR pitch:

Long gone are the days of having to scour the bottom of your wallet for that missing nickel, having to pick out the applicable bonus and payment card or logging in on mobile phone wallets. Payment is handled simultaneously as your wares are scanned – which means that you will be saving that ca. 30 second payment time every time you pay with Uniqul! In other words the transaction becomes almost instant – all that is required is that you press an OK button on our Point-of-Sale tablet! Face recognition is handled automatically by our algorithms to ensure a high level of security and fast recognition.

I’ll concede, it would be pretty cool not to have to bother with things like mobile phone wallets (as if I had one). It would be cool to save the 30 seconds per transaction. But it would not be cool to have to make the awkward expressions people make when using the product, as shown in their promo video.

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