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VMware responds to security concerns with VMsafe

A lot of security pros have pondered the security complexities introduced into an environment that uses virtualization software. Researchers have pounced. They’ve been looking under the hatch and we anticipate some interesting reports on the issue of security vulnerabilities associated with virtualization products in the coming weeks and months. We’ve already written about some of the security issues and how VMware will—or is trying to address them. They seemed downright irritated by questions about security complexities at last year’s VMworld users conference.

Today, however VMware is trying to be a step ahead of the critics with what it calls VMsafe. It’s a partnership program with Symantec, McAfee, the Internet Security Systems division of IBM, EMC’s RSA security divison, and Check Point Software Technologies.

Shhh! This is supposed to be a big secret apparently. A Reuters wire story attributes the news to unnamed sources. VMware plans to unveil the initiative next week at the VMworld Europe users conference in Cannes, France.

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