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Verizon data breach report 2012 edition boasts more new contributors

Last week I blogged about security practitioners and other IT pros working together across companies and industries to stem security threats. A new report this week is a positive example of even broader international cooperation to stop IT attacks across national borders.

The number of countries contributing to Verizon’s 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), released today, increased as government agencies and law enforcement officials from three more nations added information about breaches in their countries.

The DBIR started out eight years ago as a report of breaches Verizon had investigated. Eventually, the U.S. Secret Service contributed findings from their breach investigations. Later, the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit joined in. Now, the Verizon data breach report 2012 edition counts the Australian Federal Police, the Irish Reporting & Information Security Service, and England’s Police Central e-Crime Unit among the partners helping to track and analyze data breaches.

This is good news for the security industry. It demonstrates the synergies that can be achieved when key industry stakeholders move past their reticence and (sometimes justified) mistrust to pool their brain power to stop attackers. Let’s pause for a moment to celebrate that progress.

Next year I hope we see even more countries contributing to the DBIR or other global initiatives to work together against security threats. It’s not too late for others to get involved.

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