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What is a browser? Video may change your security training strategy

If a major piece of your security strategy revolves around employee training, the following video might be a major setback. Many security pros pride themselves on the amount of training they give their employees. But I wonder, is it all for naught?

A Google employee took a camera and microphone onto the streets of New York City to find out if non-techies knew what a browser is and the results were astounding. Less than 8% of those interviewed knew. And these guys don’t reside in an assisted living facility or a 55 and over community. Many of them could have Facebook accounts and even Twitter handles.

After watching the following video, I wonder, how would I begin a security training program if many of my employees don’t know what a browser is? Phishing sounds like a foreign language and malware sounds like a bad word. Maybe the next generation will have a better understanding. But how long can we wait?

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