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eEye founder Maiffret leaves the company

Marc Maiffret, the founder and longtime CTO of eEye Digital Security, has left the company to work on other projects. Maiffret is among the best-known hackers on the security scene and made his name in the early part of this decade by exposing a series of serious vulnerabilities in Microsoft products, particularly the company’s Web server product, IIS. Never afraid to speak his mind, regardless of the topic, Maiffret was a gold mine for reporters, including me, over the years and often drew the ire of officials at Microsoft and other software vendors who weren’t happy with the way Maiffret and eEye publicized their findings.

eEye has been going through a transition in the last few months, which has included layoffs and the exit of some top executives, including CEO Ross Brown. The company has struggled to find its footing as enterprise security provider and is now in a position where its competition is coming from heavyweights such as Symantec and IBM with virtually unlimited resources. So it’s not going to get any easier.

Maiffret is still serving as an adviser to eEye.

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