Security Bytes

November 2007

Emerging cyberattacks and threats

  • FBI launches Operation Bot Roast II

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 29 Nov 2007
  • The FBI has just announced the results of its latest crackdown on botnet herders, designated Operation Bot Roast II. Since the first crackdown in June, eight people have been indicted, pleaded ...

  • ‘Massive’ malware barrage poisoning search sites

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 28 Nov 2007
  • Those using Google, Yahoo! and other search engines face a new danger according to the folks at Sunbelt Software: seeded search results that will redirect the user to sites rigged with malware. The ...

  • hacked again

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 20 Nov 2007
  • These continue to be risky times for those using to search for jobs. You might remember that hackers targeted with a massive phishing attack last August, stealing at least ...

  • Swedish cops catch and release embassy hacker Egerstad

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 15 Nov 2007
  • There's a really interesting story making the round today about the arrest of Dan Egerstad, a Swedish security consultant who claims to have compromised a private data network used by embassies ...

  • KnujOn takes the spam fight to the enemy

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 09 Nov 2007
  • By Neil Roiter Garth Bruen is on a mission--to bring spammers down. His KnujOn project, (“no junk” backwards, pronounced “noo-jon”) hit a milestone this week, claiming 50,000 spam sites put out of ...

  • Researcher warns of MySpace attacks

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 09 Nov 2007
  • Here's another reason for IT shops to block employees from visiting MySpace pages on company machines: Roger Thompson, chief technology officer at Exploit Prevention Labs, keeps discovering MySpace ...

  • Cyber Jihad on Nov. 11? Um, probably not

    Eric Parizo - Senior Analyst 05 Nov 2007
  • Numerous reports have surfaced regarding what's being described as an al-Qaeda plot to hatch a cyber jihad Nov. 11, directed at numerous Web sites. According to the initial report by the online ...