Security Bytes

April 2007

Emerging cyberattacks and threats

  • Are more federal laws the answer to ID theft?

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 24 Apr 2007
  • With a growing number of states enacting laws to deal with identity theft, a White House task force has come out with a plan to protect people at the federal level. In a press release issued Monday ...

  • Windows DNS RPC patch still in the works

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 19 Apr 2007
  • As US-CERT and others continue to monitor the attacks against the Windows DNS RPC flaw, the folks at the Microsoft Security Response Center say they still don't have any better idea when a patch ...

  • New worm exploiting Windows DNS flaw

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 17 Apr 2007
  • There is a new worm circulating that attempts to exploit the recently identified vulnerability in Microsoft's DNS Server Service. The worm is a variant of Rinbot and scans for machines listening on ...

  • SANS tracking possible new worm

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 12 Apr 2007
  • The folks at The SANS Internet Storm Center say they're seeing indications of a new worm making the rounds Thursday. The ISC handlers have gotten a slew of emails with varying subject lines ...

  • McAfee Sage journal warns of growing mobile attacks

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 12 Apr 2007
  • The latest edition of McAfee's semi-annual Sage security journal is out with a warning we've been hearing a lot lately: The bad guys are making a killing off online exploits, and mobile phones are ...

  • Bot-on-bot crime

    Michael Mimoso - TechTarget 11 Apr 2007
  • Not everyone in the underground is concentrating on targeted attacks. Jose Nazario stopped by today; he’s Arbor Networks’ resident botnet guru and he shared a cool anecdote about some bot-on-bot ...

  • Why gaming attacks are an IT problem

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 11 Apr 2007
  • If you think an attack against online gaming programs is only a problem for those who play them, think again. More than ever, the bad guys are finding ways to parlay gaming exploits into a real ...

  • April Patch Tuesday fixes are out

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 10 Apr 2007
  • The Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes are out and this appears to be one of those months when administrators will need to reschedule some other projects in order to make sure these patches are ...