Security Bytes

June 2007

Emerging cyberattacks and threats

  • Web watchers warn of new Storm attack

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 29 Jun 2007
  • The prolific Storm malware is on the attack again, according to the folks at the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC). ISC handler Lorna Hutcheson wrote on the storm center Web site that the latest ...

  • Fake Microsoft patch bulletin circulating

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 27 Jun 2007
  • The SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) warns on its Web site that a fake Microsoft patch bulletin is circulating. According to ISC handler Donald Smith, several people reported receiving an email ...

  • Apple fixes more Safari-Mac flaws

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 25 Jun 2007
  • For the second time in as many weeks, Apple had to seal some security holes in Mac OS X and the new beta of its Safari Web browser. This time, the fixes are for a memory corruption flaw attackers ...

  • Harry Potter and the Hokey Hacker

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 21 Jun 2007
  • We've seen zero days in Windows, Mac OS X, various Linux distributions and even BlackBerrys. Now comes the first zero day in a book. (Actually, it's more like grand larceny, but that doesn't sound ...

  • Flaw fixed in Trillian IM program

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 19 Jun 2007
  • Cerulean Studios has released version of its popular Trillian IM application, fixing a flaw attackers could exploit to run malicious code on targeted machines. "iDefense Labs has notified ...

  • Trend Micro warns of widescale Trojan attack

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 18 Jun 2007
  • Tokyo-based antivirus firm Trend Micro is warning in its blog of a large Trojan attack that has proven especially troublesome for computers in Italy. The attack involved a blizzard of seemingly ...

  • More on the PatchLink-SecureWave merger

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 18 Jun 2007
  • Analysis on the newly-announced merger between PatchLink and SecureWave continued to roll in after our stories were posted. Since these guys were kind enough to jot down some thoughts by email, I'm ...

  • Install those Microsoft patches — exploits abound

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 14 Jun 2007
  • On the heels of our report of a possible new Microsoft Office zero-day yesterday comes news that there's exploit code for some of the flaws Microsoft patched Tuesday. Here's an email alert I got ...

  • FBI says it’s found a million bot-infected PCs

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 13 Jun 2007
  • You have to hand it to the FBI. If nothing else, they do come up with some clever code names for their operations. On Wednesday the agency and the Department of Justice announced that through a ...

  • Spammers launch vicious assault

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 12 Jun 2007
  • Cathing my eye this morning is a blog entry from Ryan Naraine about how the spammers behind Blue Security's demise are using a Storm worm variant to attack three antispam services. The distributed ...

  • Symantec unveils Norton AntiBot beta

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 08 Jun 2007
  • While the financial analysts and customers are trying to figure out Symantec's future direction, the company's engineers have stayed busy building new products. Next week at its Vision customer ...