Security Bytes

September 2007

Enterprise network security

  • 3Com acquired by Bain Capital Partners for $2.2 billion

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 28 Sep 2007
  • In late 2004, 3Com was in a buying mood when it acquired IPS vendor TippingPoint for $430 million in cash. This past June, 3Com announced it was planning an IPO for its TippingPoint security unit ...

  • A rough week for Google security

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 27 Sep 2007
  • Google's security reputation has been taking a beating in the blogosphere this week, with researchers spotlighting new flaws in the search giant's popular tools. Software developer Giorgio Maone ...

  • The case for identity-enabled devices

    Eric Parizo - Senior Analyst 27 Sep 2007
  • I wanted to highlight an article that debuted on the site this week that was written by Joel Dubin, which makes the case for identity-enabled network devices. On one hand, as Joel writes, the ...

  • eBay hacked, user data compromised

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 26 Sep 2007
  • eBay is getting a lot of unwanted attention today, after someone managed to post personal contact information and credit card numbers for about 1,200 eBay users on the Trust & Saftey ...

  • Symantec sets its own Halo 3 launch

    Robert Westervelt - TechTarget 25 Sep 2007
  • The marketing team at Symantec has dreamed up its own competition analogous to the Halo 3 launch set for this week. Symantec wants to turn its customers into Master Chief to save their IT ...

  • Reports say hackers hit DHS computers

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 25 Sep 2007
  • The agency tasked with protecting America from terrorist attacks is apparently having trouble keeping the bad guys out of its computer systems. What's worse is that the company hired to secure ...

  • Microsoft’s BlueHat conference returns this week

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 24 Sep 2007
  • Microsoft is holding the latest edition of its twice-yearly BlueHat Security Briefings this week, and the speaker lineup is a who's who of researchers and technologists. The topics of the scheduled ...

  • Storm worm is not so bad after all

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 21 Sep 2007
  • For any of you who are nostalgic for the halcyon days of 2001 and 2002 when network-aware worms such as Code Red, Slammer and Nimda ruled the headlines, the success of the Storm worm in the last ...

  • Another day, another Windows zero-day

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 21 Sep 2007
  • This hasn't been the best of weeks for Windows administrators. First came news that Jonathan Sarba of the GoodFellas Security Research Team had discovered a flaw in the MFC42 and MFC71 libraries ...

  • Is stand-alone AV finally dead? The debate goes on

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 21 Sep 2007
  • With all the consolidation we're seeing in the security market, many experts have been predicting the eventual demise of standalone security products. Some of the more noteworthy examples: -- At ...