Security Bytes

September 2007

Information security policies, procedures and guidelines

  • A rough week for Google security

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 27 Sep 2007
  • Google's security reputation has been taking a beating in the blogosphere this week, with researchers spotlighting new flaws in the search giant's popular tools. Software developer Giorgio Maone ...

  • The case for identity-enabled devices

    Eric Parizo - Senior Analyst 27 Sep 2007
  • I wanted to highlight an article that debuted on the site this week that was written by Joel Dubin, which makes the case for identity-enabled network devices. On one hand, as Joel writes, the ...

  • Symantec sets its own Halo 3 launch

    Robert Westervelt - TechTarget 25 Sep 2007
  • The marketing team at Symantec has dreamed up its own competition analogous to the Halo 3 launch set for this week. Symantec wants to turn its customers into Master Chief to save their IT ...

  • Another day, another Windows zero-day

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 21 Sep 2007
  • This hasn't been the best of weeks for Windows administrators. First came news that Jonathan Sarba of the GoodFellas Security Research Team had discovered a flaw in the MFC42 and MFC71 libraries ...

  • Is stand-alone AV finally dead? The debate goes on

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 21 Sep 2007
  • With all the consolidation we're seeing in the security market, many experts have been predicting the eventual demise of standalone security products. Some of the more noteworthy examples: -- At ...

  • IT admins run into trouble with Microsoft Office 2003 SP3

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 20 Sep 2007
  • IT shops may be eager to download Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3), which includes many of the security enhancements found in the 2007 release, but don't expect a smooth deployment ...

  • Sourcefire unveils adaptive IPS

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 17 Sep 2007
  • Sourcefire, maker and seller of the wildly popular Snort IDS tool, has just unveiled 3D System version 4.7, which it bills as the industry’s "first-ever" adaptive IPS. While traditional IPS vendors ...

  • Verizon gets new CISO

    Robert Westervelt - TechTarget 12 Sep 2007
  • Only a month after its major acquisition of Cybertrust, Verizon is experiencing a change of leadership in its top security post. Verizon CISO Jim Trainor announced his intention to retire at the ...

  • Virtually secure

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 11 Sep 2007
  • I have to admit to being surprised by the size of the VMWorld show out here in San Francisco. I knew there was a lot of interest in virtualization these days, but there's upwards of 10,000 ...

  • Cryptography and the double yellow line

    Leigha Cardwell - TechTarget 07 Sep 2007
  • While perusing the security blogosphere this week I came across a pretty amusing entry in the Worse than Failure blog from Alex Papadimoulis, principal member of Inedo, LLC, an Ohio-based company ...

  • All the IT in China

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 04 Sep 2007
  • The Financial Times has an interesting story today claiming that attackers affiliated with the Chines army have compromised some unknown number of machines at the Pentagon recently. The story is a ...