Security Bytes

July 2008

Information security policies, procedures and guidelines

  • Intel & Symantec tout app virtualization

    Marcia Savage - Editor 18 Jul 2008
  • Intel Corp. and Symantec Corp. executives touted the benefits of application virtualization in a roundtable discussion with reporters Thursday in San Francisco. Virtualization at the application ...

  • SQL injection infects more high profile websites

    Robert Westervelt - TechTarget 16 Jul 2008
  • San Jose, Calif.-based Finjan Software Inc. has documented more than 1,000 unique websites falling victim to SQL injection attacks in the first two weeks of July. Ayelet Heyman, a Finjan security ...

  • Mozilla aims for Firefox security metrics

    Marcia Savage - Editor 08 Jul 2008
  • Mozilla is working to develop metrics to measure the security of Firefox. The company has partnered with security researcher Rich Mogull on the project. "We are trying to develop a model that goes ...

  • Verisign names new CEO

    Robert Westervelt - TechTarget 07 Jul 2008
  • VeriSign CEO Bill Roper announced his resignation late last week. He served in the position for only a year. Roper was replaced by company founder and chairman, Jim Bidzos. In a statement, VeriSign ...

  • Barracuda countersues Trend Micro

    Marcia Savage - Editor 03 Jul 2008
  • Barracuda Networks said Wednesday that it's filed a countersuit against Trend Micro, which filed patent infringement charges against the company with the U.S. International Trade Commission last ...

  • Sourcefire rejects Barracuda again

    Marcia Savage - Editor 02 Jul 2008
  • Barracuda Networks hasn't quit its quest to acquire Sourcefire. The maker of email and Web security appliances on June 9 increased its bid to $8.25 per share, up from $7.50 per share in its May 27 ...

  • Google releases Ratproxy security assessment tool

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 02 Jul 2008
  • Google is continuing its incursion into the security world with the release of its passive Web application security assessment tool, Ratproxy. The tool differs from most of the other Web ...

  • Alleged Nugache author takes plea deal

    David Schneier - R.I.S.C. Associates 01 Jul 2008
  • A Wyoming teenager has signed a plea agreement that lays out the details of his role in creating and deploying the Nugache malware that was used to establish a large dynamic botnet that some ...