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Endpoint security tools: A buyer's guide

In this SearchSecurity buyer's guide, learn why it's important to have endpoint security tools, as well as how to procure and buy the right antimalware protection products for your organization.


Malware writers are becoming more sophisticated and the threats to data privacy and security, and the risk of unauthorized access to proprietary or confidential information, are accelerating. Endpoint security tools are tasked with thwarting these threats -- hundreds of thousands of different kinds are now in the wild -- by stopping them from infecting computers, including virtual desktops and mobile devices, as well as workstations and laptops.

This type of antimalware protection is an essential layer in any organization's defense arsenal to ensure strong protection against malware. In addition, organizations that fall under the regulatory umbrella of laws such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or adhere to PCI DSS standards for accepting payment cards, must implement antimalware security as a part of their compliance requirements.

In this buyer's guide, readers will learn how endpoint security tools work, as well as how to identify the scenarios for use and implementation when evaluating the security technology for deployment. It also lays out what organizations need to know before making an investment in antimalware protection, and presents direct comparisons and product overviews of some of the top endpoint security tools on the market today.

1What is...?-

The evolution of antimalware protection technology

Learn how endpoint antimalware protection guards end-user devices and the networks they connect to from malicious code.


Antimalware protection and the fundamentals of endpoint security

Learn about antimalware protection and how endpoint security technology can prevent malware from infecting end-user computers and corporate networks. Continue Reading

2Do I need…?-

The business case for antimalware protection

Find out why all organizations, no matter their size, need to protect endpoints with antimalware products.


The importance of securing endpoints with antimalware protection

All organizations need to protect their endpoints from outside malware with antimalware products, which are essential to an enterprise-wide security strategy. Continue Reading

3How to buy…?-

Procuring endpoint security tools

Explore key criteria for evaluating endpoint security products to determine the best option for your organization.


Evaluating endpoint security products for antimalware protection

Expert contributor Ed Tittel explores key criteria for evaluating endpoint security products to determine the best option for antimalware protection for your organization. Continue Reading

4Which should I buy?-

The top endpoint security tools compared

What makes a particular endpoint antimalware product right for an enterprise? Here we compare several leading endpoint protection vendors and review the pros and cons of their products to help you decide which might be right for your organization.


Comparing antimalware protection products in today's market

Expert Ed Tittel examines the top endpoint antimalware protection products for small, midsize and large enterprises and how they stack up against one another. Continue Reading

5Top product overviews-

A who's who of the market-leading endpoint security vendors

Endpoint security is a key component of an enterprise's desktop and laptop security strategy. Here's a look at some of the top endpoint security tools on the market.


A closer look at Kaspersky antimalware protection services

Expert Ed Tittel looks at Kaspersky antimalware product Endpoint Security, which provides multilayered protection against malware, phishing attacks and other exploits. Continue Reading


Details of Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services

Expert Ed Tittel takes a closer look at Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services, an antivirus and antimalware product for small organizations. Continue Reading


Trend Micro OfficeScan endpoint protection software and its offerings

Expert contributor Ed Tittel takes a look at Trend Micro OfficeScan, an endpoint protection product with antivirus and antimalware functionality for physical and virtualized endpoints. Continue Reading


Symantec Endpoint Protection and the details for buyers to know

Expert Ed Tittel examines Symantec Endpoint Protection, an intrusion prevention, firewall and antimalware product for physical and virtual endpoints. Continue Reading


Sophos Endpoint Protection and an overview of its features

Expert Ed Tittel examines Sophos Endpoint Protection, an endpoint security platform with antivirus, antimalware and more. Continue Reading


The various offers of Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection

Expert Ed Tittel examines System Center Endpoint Protection, Microsoft's native Windows antivirus and antimalware security product. Continue Reading


An in-depth look into McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection

McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection is an antimalware protection product that is designed to secure Windows systems against malware, data loss and other threats in standalone or networked environments. Continue Reading

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