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Black Hat 2017: Special conference coverage

Black Hat USA -- July 26-27, Las Vegas


Join us at Black Hat 2017 as SearchSecurity editors cover all the breaking news from the twentieth anniversary event. Long a leading stage for revelation of significant new security breaks, this year's conference comes amid a sharp new focus on the nation-state dimension of cyberattacks and advanced defenses.

This year's show, from July 22-27 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, covers the latest trends, technologies and threats -- but especially the threats. 


Latest from Las Vegas

Technologies such as machine learning, cloud-based IAM and micro-services continue to change the information security industry. New attacks and expanding attack surfaces up the ante for incident detection and response. At its twentieth anniversary, Black Hat USA is among the longest-running enterprise security conferences, but the news will be as fresh, controversial, and unnerving as ever.


Cybersecurity skills gap fixes must support minorities

A new survey shows a majority of organizations are facing a cybersecurity skills gap and experts say more focus on women and minorities could be key to finding talent. Continue Reading


Flawed Broadcom Wi-Fi chipsets get a fix, but flaw remains a mystery

Broadpwn, a flaw in Broadcom Wi-Fi chipsets, is patched, but Google withholds details. Plus, the latest in the antivirus drama between the U.S. and Russia, and more. Continue Reading


At Black Hat 2017, an industry hits a milestone and finds new directions

Long a conference that has thrived on technical sophistication and nuanced attacks, Black Hat USA 2017 in Las Vegas also found room for softer themes. Continue Reading


Stamos preaches defensive security research in Black Hat keynote

Facebook's Alex Stamos used his Black Hat 2017 keynote to address a wide variety of issues, including defensive security research and diversity in the infosec community. Continue Reading


Who are the Shadow Brokers? Signs point to an intelligence insider

At Black Hat 2017, security researcher Matt Suiche analyzed the Shadow Brokers dumps, postings and behavior to get to the bottom of one of the infosec industry's biggest questions. Continue Reading


2017 cybersecurity trends at the Black Hat conference

This week, bloggers look into 2017 cybersecurity trends leading up to the Black Hat conference, Movidius deep learning and Mist's approach to WLAN. Continue Reading


Experts debate Vulnerabilities Equities Process disclosure

Experts debated how the government should weigh disclosure in the Vulnerabilities Equities Process and whether to err on the side of offense or defense. Continue Reading


Vulnerabilities and attack methods

Understanding vulnerabilities and attack methods is critical to responding to cyberattacks, whether dealing with botnets or ransomware, or anything else. In this ever-changing threat landscape, enterprises and security companies must constantly stay informed. Find out which techniques and vulnerabilities threat actors are using now, and what experts at Black Hat 2017 say should be done to stop them.


Industroyer malware a turning point for ICS security

Security researchers at Black Hat 2017 analyzed the Industroyer malware, the attack on Ukraine's power grid and what it means for industrial control system security in the U.S. Continue Reading


Phishing research shows troubling trends for enterprise users

Karla Burnett of Stripe presented sobering results of phishing research from her company at Black Hat 2017, suggesting phishing training is ineffective against today's threats. Continue Reading


Cyber-risk analysis, time are keys to infosec says game theory

Analyzing infosec through the lens of game theory shows that cyber-risk analysis and wasting attacker time may be highly effective cybersecurity strategies. Continue Reading


Breaking down the Broadpwn exploit, world's first Wi-Fi worm

At Black Hat 2017, Exodus Intelligence researcher Nitay Artenstein unveiled the Broadpwn exploit, which he called the world's first Wi-Fi worm and which puts billions of iOS and Android devices at risk. Continue Reading

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Black Hat encounters

Find out what the experts have to say on the hottest topics in cybersecurity as our reporters and editors connect with attendees at Black Hat 2017.

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