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Black Hat 2018 conference coverage

Black Hat USA – August 4-9, Las Vegas


Join us at Black Hat USA 2018 as SearchSecurity editors cover the newest bugs, threats and security research poised to drop in Las Vegas. This year's show, taking place August 4-9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, will cover some of the most important vulnerabilities in recent memory, such as Meltdown and Spectre, along with potential threats for critical infrastructure and industrial control systems and new techniques in social engineering.

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Breaking news and latest trends

The top infosec experts, researchers and thought leaders in the industry will congregate at Black Hat 2018 to discuss the latest trends and most pressing issues, from nation-state cyberattacks to responsible vulnerability disclosure. Discover what is top of mind for the infosec community in 2018, and what the experts are predicting for the future.


Parisa Tabriz's Black Hat 2018 keynote challenges infosec's status quo

In her Black Hat 2018 keynote, Google's Parisa Tabriz celebrated the unrecognized, long-term work that can cause real change in security and challenge the status quo. Continue Reading


Black Hat 2018 survey: Cybersecurity staffing, budgets still lacking

According to a survey of Black Hat 2018 attendees, organizations are still struggling with insufficient cybersecurity staff and budgets to meet the current and emerging threats. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Five things to watch for at Black Hat USA this year

As Black Hat USA 2018 approaches, we take a quick look at trends in the conference agenda and sessions not to miss. Continue Reading


Vulnerabilities and attack methods

Whether it's leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence for cyberattacks or finding new ways to infiltrate air-gapped networks, hackers are constantly working to expand the threat landscape. Find out what security researchers and experts have to say about these latest threat actors are using now, and what experts at Black Hat 2017 say should be done to stop them.


Irregularities discovered in WinVote voting machines

At Black Hat 2018, security researcher Carsten Schuermann unveiled the results of a forensic analysis of eight WinVote voting machines that had been used in Virginia elections. Continue Reading


Netflix launches tool for monitoring AWS credentials

At Black Hat 2018, a Netflix security engineer introduced a new open source tool designed to more effectively monitor AWS credentials in large cloud environments, like Netflix's. Continue Reading


Meltdown and Spectre disclosure suffered "extraordinary miscommunication"

During a panel discussion at Black Hat 2018 on Meltdown and Spectre, Google explained how miscommunication left the company's incident response out of the early disclosure process. Continue Reading


Web cache poisoning attacks demonstrated on major websites, platforms

PortSwigger's James Kettle doesn't believe web cache poisoning is theoretical and to prove it, he demonstrated several attacks on major websites and platforms at Black Hat 2018. Continue Reading


2018 Pwnie Awards cast light and shade on infosec winners

The Meltdown and Spectre research teams won big at the Pwnie Awards this year at Black Hat, while the late-entry Bitfi Wallet team overwhelmingly won for Lamest Vendor Response. Continue Reading


Amanda Rousseau on becoming a cybersecurity researcher

Cybersecurity researcher Amanda Rousseau discusses the relationship between the infosec community and law enforcement and how to create the next generation of white hat hackers. Continue Reading


Amanda Rousseau talks about computer forensics investigations

Amanda Rousseau, aka Malware Unicorn, discusses her time in computer forensics investigations with the DoD, as well as the joys of reverse engineering malware encryption by hand. Continue Reading


Robot social engineering works because people personify robots

Brittany 'Straithe' Postnikoff studied robot social engineering and found personification of robots can lead to effective attacks, regardless of whether or not AI is involved. Continue Reading

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