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RSA 2017: Special conference coverage

San Francisco -- Feb. 13-17, 2017


Join us at RSA 2017 as SearchSecurity editors cover all the breaking news from the event, interview the foremost industry experts at the show and provide in-depth coverage of the most pressing issues facing information security professionals and enterprises. 

RSA Conference is the information security industry's largest and most influential annual event. This year's show, from Feb. 13 to 17 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, covers the latest trends, technologies and threats.

1Cyberattacks and adversaries-

Enterprise threats and defense

Understanding and stopping today's cyberattacks and adversaries, from ransomware to IoT botnets to powerful DDoS attacks, is critical. The threat landscape is always changing, and enterprises and security companies must adapt. Find out which tools, techniques and vulnerabilities threat actors are using now, and what experts at RSA 2017 say should be done to stop them.


IoT security threat to become real post-Mirai at RSA Conference 2017

IoT security tops the list of RSA Conference 2017 submissions after IoT devices were abused by threat actors, but the topics experts worry about are much more far-reaching. Continue Reading


RSAC 2017 Innovation Sandbox highlights top 10 cyber startups

RSAC 2017: Innovation Sandbox competition pits this year's top 10 cybersecurity startups against each other in a bid to win top honors as most innovative. Continue Reading


CSA: Custom applications creating new 'shadow cloud computing' risks

The Cloud Security Alliance unveiled new research at RSA Conference 2017 that shows custom enterprise applications are creating shadow cloud computing risks for organizations. Continue Reading


Ransomware threat continues to evolve, defense needs to catch up

With the rapid expansion of the ransomware threat landscape, defenders are scrambling to find ways to fight back. RSAC 2017 dedicated a full day for a ransomware seminar. Continue Reading


Ramzan advocates collaborative security in RSAC keynote

Zulfikar Ramzan opens RSA Conference 2017 by reminding enterprises that just as cyberattacks have long-tail repercussions, so too do collaborative security decisions made in business. Continue Reading


RSAC17: Cyber defence involves all levels of society, says Microsoft

Microsoft calls for a global convention on cyber security and an independent organisation to keep nation state attackers in check Continue Reading


RSAC17: Infosec pros must help create business-driven security, says RSA CTO

The inability to draw connections between security details and business metrics is one of the biggest challenges facing most companies, according to RSA CTO Zulfikar Ramzan Continue Reading


RSA17: Data manipulation next on attackers’ agenda, warns Intel Security

Data manipulation a real threat and the next corporate attack vector could be found in the home, warns Intel Security head Chris Young Continue Reading

Blog Post

Christopher Young: Don't sleep on the Mirai botnet

RSA Conference 2017 was full of talk about future IoT attacks, but Intel Security's Christopher Young said the Mirai botnet is still an enormous threat and demonstrated why that is. Continue Reading


RSAC17: More ransomware and IoT-enabled attacks on the way, warns expert

Security expert Ed Skoudis says that in 2017 organisations need to prepare for evolving ransomware and IoT-enabled attacks, as well as a combination of the two Continue Reading


Connected medical devices spark debate at RSA Conference session

An RSA Conference session on a new attack on connected medical devices led to a spirited debate on vulnerability disclosure and manufacturer responsibility. Continue Reading


Q&A: Digging into darknet technology with Farsight's Andrew Lewman

At RSAC, former Tor Project CEO Andrew Lewman explains the latest research into darknet technology and how that tech continues to evolve as an attack vector. Continue Reading


Understanding of security remediation differs for CISOs, researchers

One expert warned there can be a disconnect between what security remediation means to CISOs and what researchers announce because of divergent objectives. Continue Reading

2Emerging technologies-

Machine learning, threat intelligence and security analytics

New technologies and service models like machine learning, threat intelligence and cloud access security brokers continue to change the information security industry. Here's what experts at RSA 2017 are saying about these emerging trends and technologies.

Blog Post

Five things to watch at RSA Conference 2017

With no single trend or theme dominating at RSA Conference 2017, this year's show will still have plenty of material on machine learning, IoT security and much more. Continue Reading


Skyhigh expands CASB model to IaaS platform protection, custom apps

At RSA Conference 2017, Skyhigh Networks explained how it expanded its cloud access security broker model to include IaaS platforms and custom enterprise applications. Continue Reading


RSA President Rohit Ghai details new cybersecurity platform at RSAC 2017

Michael Dell introduces RSA's newly appointed president, Rohit Ghai, who is set to lead the cybersecurity firm as it implements its new Business Driven Security platform. Continue Reading


Tenable launches cloud-based vulnerability management platform

At RSA Conference 2017, Tenable Network Security introduced a cloud-based vulnerability management platform called that allows users to import and export vulnerability data. Continue Reading


RSA panel covers cryptography trends, elections and more

Panel at RSAC on cryptography trends offers views on AI's coming domination of cybersecurity, quantum computing and quantum cryptography, politics and elections and more. Continue Reading


RSAC17: AI could help in IoT security, says Eric Schmidt

Former Google chief says artificial intelligence could be applied in internet of things security, but the technology is still a long way from Hollywood scenarios Continue Reading


Security platforms to disrupt industry, predicts Palo Alto Networks

Collaborative security platforms will enable developers to focus on innovation and force the security industry to change business models, predicts Palo Alto Networks Continue Reading


Q&A: Yubico brings FIDO authentication protocol to the masses

Yubico founder and CEO Stina Ehrensvard spoke with SearchSecurity at RSAC 2017 about FIDO authentication and how Google uses it to secure logins and cut costs. Continue Reading


BeyondCorp brings software-defined network security to Google

Google restructured its network security with the BeyondCorp program and wants to show other organizations how to move past firewalls. Continue Reading

3Government security-

Cyberespionage, surveillance and regulations

Issues such as government surveillance, privacy regulations and encryption technology, as well as growing cyberespionage threats and nation-state attacks, have thrust the U.S. government to the center stage of the infosec world. Get the latest information and expert opinions from RSA 2017 on these important issues.


RSA Conference 2017 "not impacted" by Trump's executive order

RSA Conference 2017 hasn't been affected by President Trump's recent executive order, but the travel ban has still send shockwaves through the tech industry. Continue Reading


Nation-state cyberattacks rising, warns former NSA director

Speaking at RSA Conference 2017, former NSA Director Keith Alexander warned of increased nation-state cyberattacks and called for an overhaul of U.S. government cybersecurity. Continue Reading


Microsoft: Nation-state cyberattacks have changed the security game

Microsoft's Brad Smith spoke at RSA Conference 2017 about the effects of nation-state cyberattacks and what businesses and governments can do about them. Continue Reading


State-sponsored hacking needs to stop, says Congressman McCaul

Rep. Michael McCaul took a harsh stance on Russian state-sponsored hacking at RSA Conference 2017 and pushed the U.S. government to do more to stop such attacks. Continue Reading


RSAC17: US politician calls for global collaboration on cyber defence

Without greater collaboration, information sharing and clear sanctions against attackers, defenders will continue to lose the war in cyber space, says US politician Michael McCaul Continue Reading


Bruce Schneier: It's time for internet-of-things regulation

Speaking at RSA Conference 2017, security expert Bruce Schneier called for the creation of a new government agency to oversee internet-of-things regulation. Continue Reading


Upcoming cybersecurity executive order leaves RSAC experts optimistic

Experts at RSAC 2017 discussed the upcoming cybersecurity executive order from the new presidential administration and how the NIST Framework strengthens the plan. Continue Reading


Do IoT security risks require new legislation or will standards suffice?

In a panel discussion about current IoT security risks, experts at RSA Conference 2017 weigh government legislation options against industry self-regulation. Continue Reading


RSA Conference speakers tackle tech immigration reform, travel ban

Several speakers made pro-immigration remarks at RSA Conference 2017 and called for tech immigration reform following President Trump's controversial executive order. Continue Reading


Experts debate national cybersecurity policy suggestions at RSAC 2017

Experts at RSAC 2017 discussed national cybersecurity policy suggestions for the new presidential administration, including what to do about encryption and the DHS mission. Continue Reading


Experts: Government Vulnerabilities Equities Process should be law

Experts say codifying the Vulnerabilities Equities Process into law would increase transparency and trust regarding vulnerability disclosure by the government. Continue Reading

Blog Post

RSA Conference 2017: Are software regulations coming for developers?

Security expert Bruce Schneier said programmers' freedom to code whatever they want will likely come to an end. Should the industry brace itself for software regulations? Continue Reading

4Video and podcasts-

RSA 2017 sights and sounds

Our editors and reporters talk with security experts on the hottest topics emerging from RSA Conference 2017.


Risk & Repeat: RSA Conference 2017 predictions and expectations

In this episode of SearchSecurity's Risk & Repeat podcast, editors discuss their plans, expectations and predictions for RSA Conference 2017 next week in San Francisco. Continue Reading


Risk & Repeat: RSA Conference 2017 highlights and trends

In this episode of SearchSecurity's Risk & Repeat podcast, editors recap RSA Conference 2017 and discuss how the show addressed many security problems, but had very few answers. Continue Reading


Risk & Repeat: Juniper's Kevin Walker on SDN security challenges

In this episode of SearchSecurity's Risk & Repeat podcast, Kevin Walker, Juniper Networks' security chief technology and strategy officer, talks about SDN security challenges. Continue Reading

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