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RSA Conference 2016 special coverage: News and analysis

San Francisco -- February 29 through March 4, 2016


The RSA Conference is the information security industry's largest and most influential annual event. This year’s show, from Feb. 29-March 4 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, covers the latest trends, technologies and threats. SearchSecurity editors sort out the breaking news from the event, interview the foremost industry experts at the show and provide in-depth coverage of the most pressing issues facing security professionals and enterprises such as IoT threats, cloud security advancements and the "going dark" encryption debate, bringing it all together here.

1Defending against adversaries-

Enterprise threats and risks

From new nation-state hackers to cloud-based threats and sophisticated obfuscation techniques, enterprises in 2016 must contend with a variety of more dangerous and diverse types of attacks. Find out about the enterprise threats and risks security experts are most concerned about at RSA Conference 2016.


Cybersecurity checklist a strategy tool for increasing attack costs

The U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit rolled out a new version of its cybersecurity checklist, which it claims will help reduce attacks by increasing the costs of those attacks. Continue Reading


Cybercrime trends point to growing sophistication

Sophos' James Lyne warns that cybercriminals are becoming more effective, thanks to document-based malware and advanced social engineering techniques. Continue Reading


Microsoft sounds the bell for strong encryption, privacy

Microsoft's top lawyer criticized the U.S. government's efforts to undermine strong encryption, and called on the industry to support and defend the technology. Continue Reading


Cloud malware leads to high-speed impact

During the CSA Summit at At RSA’s 2016 Conference, Netskope warned how cloud synchronization services can spread malware infection throughout an enterprise. Continue Reading


Diffie, Hellman win Turing Award; cryptography research update

Diffie, Hellman receive Turing Award and experts review cryptography research, Apple vs. FBI, Juniper backdoors, quantum crypto and the future of cryptography. Continue Reading


CASBs gaining momentum at RSA Conference 2016

Cloud access security brokers are dominating the cloud security conversation at this year's RSA Conference. Here's what vendors are saying about CASBs. Continue Reading


Bruce Schneier on IBM grabbing him up with Resilient Systems

Bruce Schneier chats with SearchSecurity during lunch at RSAC about IBM's plans to acquire Resilient Systems to complete their security offering. Continue Reading


Redundant cloud security controls creating headaches

Trend Micro's Mark Nunnikhoven said enterprises are often forced to deploy distinct cloud security controls for each type of service they deploy, making security unmanageable. Continue Reading


Security startups vie for honors in RSA Innovation Sandbox

The RSA 2016 Innovation Sandbox competition highlights the top security startups, but only one will be awarded title of 'RSA Conference 2016's Most Innovative Startup.' Continue Reading


CISOs discuss the value of cloud access security brokers

Several CISOs discussed why cloud access security brokers are imperative to their respective enterprises during a panel discussion at RSA Conference 2016. Continue Reading

2Emerging technologies -

IoT, threat intelligence and security analytics

New technologies and service models like cloud access security brokers, Internet of Things and machine learning are poised to shake the foundations of enterprise security. Here’s what you need to know about the trends and technology emerging at RSA Conference 2016.


RSA Conference 2016 preview: IoT and encryption take center stage

The Internet of Things once again dominates the agenda at RSA Conference 2016, but experts say there will be other hot topics, including the growing debate between IT and the government over encryption backdoors. Continue Reading


Yoran: Solve cybersecurity challenges with creativity, encryption

Amit Yoran kicked off RSAC 2016 by publicly backing strong encryption, denouncing the 'going dark' debate and calling for more creativity in cybersecurity. Continue Reading

3Government debates-

Government surveillance and privacy regulations

Issues such as government surveillance, privacy regulations, data residency and the “going dark” debate over encryption have gripped the information security industry. Find on what infosec experts and government leaders have to say about them at RSA Conference 2016.


Cloud providers weigh in on iPhone backdoor debate

During a panel discussion at RSA Conference 2016, representatives from top cloud providers such as Google and Microsoft discussed the legal battle between Apple and the FBI over encrypted data. Continue Reading


Government encryption backdoor debate is more nuanced at RSAC

RSAC panelists had a spirited and nuanced debate about government encryption backdoors, and the topic is more difficult to parse than expected. Continue Reading


DOD announces 'Hack the Pentagon' bug bounty program

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announces the 'Hack the Pentagon' bug bounty program and new Defense Innovation Advisory Board to be headed by Eric Schmidt. Continue Reading


Admiral Rogers, chief of U.S. Cyber Command, seeks cooperation

Private sector cooperation with the government is key to successful protection against cyberthreats, says U.S. Cyber Command chief Michael Rogers in an address to RSA Conference 2016. Continue Reading


McCaul pitches encryption commission to solve 'going dark' problem

Rep. Michael McCaul makes the case for encryption commission legislation as an answer to the 'going dark' problem in the face of global cyberthreats. Continue Reading

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