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RSAC 2018: Special conference coverage

San Francisco -- April 16-20, 2018


Join us at RSAC 2018 as SearchSecurity editors cover the breaking news from the event, interview the leading industry experts and provide in-depth analysis of the most pressing issues facing security professionals, enterprises and governments.

The RSA Conference is the information security industry's largest and most influential annual event. Get the latest information on technology, trends and threats from this year's show, April 16-20 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

1Emerging tech and trends-

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and threat intelligence

Learn how infosec vendors are embracing emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence while exploring new applications for blockchain. In addition, find out about the latest threat intelligence reports and industry research unveiled at RSAC 2018.


RSA Innovation Sandbox highlights threat detection, AI

Security startups competing in this year's RSA Innovation Sandbox will present new offerings for threat detection, cloud security, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Continue Reading


Cybersecurity AI hype matures at RSAC 2018

Top submissions to the RSA Conference 2018 indicate that the hype cycle around cybersecurity AI may be maturing, while diversity gets a lower ranking on the hot topic list. Continue Reading


Risk & Repeat: RSAC 2018 trends focus on AI, blockchain

In this week's Risk & Repeat podcast, SearchSecurity editors discuss the big questions ahead of RSA Conference 2018, as well as notable sessions and speakers scheduled for the event. Continue Reading


CrowdStrike Falcon X takes aim at incident response

CrowdStrike introduced a new component for the vendor's cloud-based security platform -- dubbed Falcon X -- that looks to speed up enterprises' incident response times. Continue Reading


SSH announces new key and certificate management service

A new key and certificate management service is now offered by SSH, which teamed up with AppViewX to provide a way to administer cryptographic keys and digital certificates. Continue Reading


ISACA: Cybersecurity skills gap still hurting enterprises

ISACA's State of Cybersecurity 2018 report offered good news and bad news about the cybersecurity skills gap and also shed light on gender disparity in the infosec profession. Continue Reading


Fidelis rolls out new active deception approach to security

Active deception is set to be an important part of cloud defense, as Fidelis Cybersecurity adds active decoys to protect cloud assets in the enterprise. Continue Reading


RSAC keynote speakers push teamwork, incremental improvements

The RSAC keynote speakers pushed a unified idea of collaboration across public and private sectors, improved teamwork and the value of incremental improvements in cybersecurity. Continue Reading


IBM's new AI toolbox is designed to protect AI systems

IBM has made a new open source AI toolbox that's designed to provide practical defenses for real-world AI systems based on how threat actors can attack AI models. Continue Reading


Moussouris: Bug bounty programs need to avoid jumping the shark

Bug bounty programs may seem to offer salvation at a bargain price for securing networks and systems, but Katie Moussouris offers tips for avoiding major pitfalls. Continue Reading


Women in cybersecurity discuss hiring, advice and being mentors

A panel of women cybersecurity professionals at the RSA Conference discussed ways to find the best job candidates, the best advice they've received and how to be better mentors. Continue Reading

2New threats and adversaries-

Cyber warfare, election hacking and destruction-of-service attacks

From cyberattacks on industrial control systems to voting machine hacks, new threats are looming over enterprises and governments alike. Discover what RSAC 2018 speakers and industry experts are saying about today's adversaries and persistent threats like ransomware, destruction-of-service attacks and more.


Compromised cloud credentials still plaguing enterprises

Why are enterprises still struggling with identity and access management in the cloud? Experts at RSA Conference discuss the issue and the risks posed by compromised credentials. Continue Reading


Microsoft's Brad Smith urges action on nation-state cyberthreats

At RSA Conference 2018, Microsoft President Brad Smith warned of nation-state cyberattacks and called on governments and the private sector to do more to address them. Continue Reading


Paul Kocher weighs in on Spectre flaws, vulnerability disclosure

At RSA Conference 2018, Paul Kocher, who co-discovered the Spectre flaws, discussed the chip vulnerabilities and explained why disclosure and mitigation efforts were so troubled. Continue Reading


Passive DNS techniques can reduce DNS abuse

Presenting at RSAC 2018, Farsight Security's Merike Kaeo explains how defenders can adopt passive techniques to reduce DNS abuse and stop attacks before they happen. Continue Reading


CyberArk warns of 'shadow admins' in cloud environments

At RSA Conference 2018, CyberArk researchers described how threat actors are able to gain access to cloud environments and elevate privileges through 'shadow admins.' Continue Reading

3Government and compliance-

GDPR, legislation and privacy rights

With the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect next month, securing personally identifiable information and private data has become increasingly vital. In addition, concerns about eroding privacy rights and government criticism of encryption continue to be hot topics in the infosec field. Find out what experts and government leaders have to say at RSAC 2018.


IBM's Cindy Compert cooks up a batch of GDPR preparation

GDPR preparation, with practical tips and recipes, was on the menu at RSAC 2018, as IBM CTO Cindy Compert offered practical advice for compliance with the EU privacy regulation. Continue Reading

Blog Post

FedRAMP security requirements put a premium on automation

Matt Goodrich, director for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, detailed FedRAMP security requirements and automation at RSA's Cloud Security Alliance Summit. Continue Reading


Schneier talks cyber regulations, slams U.S. lawmakers

Speaking at RSA Conference 2018, Bruce Schneier slammed U.S. lawmakers and Facebook in discussions on internet security regulations and technology policy. Continue Reading


Experts describe how hacking back can be done right

A panel of experts at the RSA Conference all expressed support for the idea of hacking back against threat actors, but each offered caveats in hopes of minimizing collateral damage. Continue Reading

4Scene at the show-

Video from RSA 2018

Watch product demos and glean analyst insights from RSAC 2018 as we track the latest innovations and trends in the security industry.

5Social Media Matters -

RSA conference on Twitter

Follow tweets from our reporters at the show and track insights from users, vendors, analysts and other industry experts.

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