Fortezza, Italian for "fortress," is a family of security products trademarked by the US government's National Security Agency. The family includes Personal Computer Memory Card International Association-based cards, compatible serial port devices, server boards, and others. Fortezza-enabled security is popular with government agencies, especially the military. The Fortezza crypto card (similar to a PC Card) works in PCs loaded with Talisman software, which encryption every file on the computer. Then, only a user with the correct Fortezza crypto card and password can gain access to the encrypted data.

Currently, the main use of Fortezza is for encrypting e-mail, but Fortezza security is also included in digital cellular telephones, Web browsers, and databases. The technology hasn't gained widespread acceptance in the corporate world, primarily because many businesses simply don't trust government-developed technology. However, the latest version of Microsoft's Windows 2000 Web server, the Internet Information Server (Internet Information Server), supports Fortezza.

This was last updated in April 2010

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