Microsoft FIM (Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager)

Contributor(s): Toni Boger

Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) is a self-service identity management software suite for managing identities, credentials, and role-based access control policies across heterogeneous computing environments. 

FIM embeds self-help tools in Microsoft Outlook so end users can manage routine aspects of identity and access such as resetting their own passwords without requiring help desk assistance. FIM also alllows end users to create their own security and email distribution lists and decide who to include in those lists. 

IT administrators can use FIM to manage digital certificates and smart cards. FIM also provides administrative and automation tools.

The most recent version of Microsoft FIM, FIM 2010 R2, included improvements to diagnostics, reporting and performance. The Service Pack 1 for FIM 2010 R2 offers support Windows 8, Outlook 2013 and Windows Server 2012.

This was last updated in April 2013

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Is Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager the best identity management option for Active Directory?
I plan on using Forefront because of the investments we are making in Windows Azure and other cloud computing applications needing identity management. Microsoft will be adding Forefront into Windows Azure in 2015 so using it now gets us half way to our Azure solution. Having an identity management solution that works with on premise and cloud computing will make our auditors happy and increase our security in the cloud.

First off: thanks for the explanation (MS tends to be all sales-babble...) What I really wonder is: Why should I use this additional component on top of my SharePoint environment? What is the added value?

We recently started implementing SharePoint, and will shortly roll-out company wide. We've a relatively small company (a school, about 130 personnel and some 1,000 students - soon to be expanded somewhat, but never more than twice that amount of users, including some external partners), and it seems our current SharePoint environment covers it all. So, really, when should I consider using MS FIM 2010?

Thanks, and kind regards!

Alexander Kenter
the Netherlands

Will I be able to reset my password without password policy?

please help