build your own app (BYOA)

Build your own app (BYOA) is a trend towards the creation of software applications by people without programming skills. Non-technical users may create applications for their own personal or business use, or for sale through an app store

Factors driving the BYOA trend include the consumerization of IT, the growing market for mobile apps and the increasing availability of user-friendly app development platforms. App development platforms suitable for non-technical users -- sometimes referred to as "citizen developers" -- include Podio, BuildAnApp and At its simplest, a user-designed program might be an application that replaces a spreadsheet with a better interface and improved functionality. However, most platforms offer a range of options to suit users at different skill levels.

BYOA also stands for bring your own apps, which is the trend toward employee use of third-party applications and cloud services in the workplace.

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The BYOD and BYOA movements spawned the consumerization of IT and created demand for mobile apps. Businesses can create custom apps or set up an enterprise store to curate internally developed or third party apps for its users. Multifactor authentication helps keep corporate data safe, but building a company’s app store adds an extra layer of protection that could balance the needs of security pros and users.

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