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May 2015

Buyer’s Essentials: What to look for in user behavioral analytics tools

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Now that the hype surrounding big data has cooled, it's time for organizations to sort out what capabilities big data contributes to the analytics techniques being applied to security products. One capability, which may be more useful than glamorous, is that big data helps identify relevant data faster; that is, it aids security pros in identifying anomalies that indicate attacks. This, in turn, provides a direct way to decrease the security team's reaction time, thereby limiting potential losses from attacks.

And vendors are taking notice, releasing tools that use big data techniques to quickly assess an environment’s normal baseline and to watch it for anomalies that may signal a security breach. In this buyer’s essentials guide, information security professionals will learn what behavioral analytics, or UBA, offers, the features that should be considered, and the reasonable expectations and deployment strategies for this new generation of analytics tools.

Table Of Contents

  • Explained
  • How it works
  • Features
  • The bottom line

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