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May 2015

Fighting crimeware, RAM scraping and other modern mischief

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There's a good possibility that the attacks you see this year will be harder to detect than in years past, particularly as malware generation toolkits make these more advanced techniques easy to incorporate with existing systems.

In this three-part guide, SearchSecurity contributors examine the latest iterations of malware. First, however, is a chapter on crimeware in general -- that is, malware used to conduct crime. Not surprisingly, that means grabbing sensitive personal information from either point-of-sale terminals or individual end users. The ultimate goal is the same either way: To get at the money. Investigation is essential to understanding and preventing attacks, so we've included some guidance on how a formal investigation should proceed. Later, particular methods of malware users are explored in depth -- RAM scraping and advanced evasion techniques.

This guide provides a valuable rundown of what's coming at you in the months ahead from the world of malware, and helps determine what you must do to keep your enterprise systems and finances secure.

About The Author

Nick Lewis

Information security threats expert Nick Lewis is standing by to...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Crimeware: What it's after and how to fight back
  • How enterprises can defend against RAM scrapers
  • Outwitting advanced evasion techniques

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