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April 2016

Find the security advantage in SDN

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The implications of software-defined networking (SDN) are still being sorted out. Still, there is little doubt that this approach brings sweeping changes throughout the IT infrastructure and the way it is managed.

Decoupling network architecture from its underlying physical infrastructure, via SDN, comes with inherent security advantages, many of which have yet to be fully appreciated in the security industry. Forward-looking organizations are already employing these, though, and most IT professionals must at least examine the possibilities for achieving greater security in SDN means and methods.

This guide goes beyond most examinations of security in SDN, goes beyond explaining what SDN is and how it might improve network security. Instead, this publication looks in-depth at specific implementations of SDN. Readers will come away with a freshly packed toolkit of SDN-related actionable advice.

About The Author

Keith Townsend - Founder

Keith Townsend is the principal of The CTO Advisor LLC and ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • SDN's key role in mobile network security
  • Smarter security through microsegmentation
  • Extending SDN with a 'no-touch' approach

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