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July 2015

How to choose the right email security gateway

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Email security gateways (ESGs) are an efficient tool for protecting the network of organizations of all sizes from email-borne threats. ESGs are an efficient means for preventing the delivery of email that violates an organization’s policies. These network tools are particularly important today when email from bring your own devices, which are not under enterprise control, are using the corporate network.

All ESGs can quarantine or block email that contains detected malware, phishing attacks, spam and other malicious content. This prevents many attacks from reaching the intended recipients, which in turn reduces the compromises of hosts, user credentials and sensitive data.

This Buyer’s Essentials explains what email security gateways are, how various types work, and key features to consider when deciding whether to acquire an ESG. This Buyer’s Essentials is a guide to enterprise IT professionals, InfoSec pros and other enterprise personnel who need to review the offerings of email security gateway vendors and determine which ESG their organization needs.

Table Of Contents

  • Explained
  • How it works
  • Features
  • The bottom line

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