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October 2014

Putting security on auto-pilot: What works, what doesn't

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For so long penetration testing meant hiring an expert to use skill and savvy to try to infiltrate the company system. But, as with most endeavors humans devise, the impulse to automate the pen test is seemingly irresistible. But is it a good idea? Is automated pen testing simply the equivalent of aiming Metasploit at your system -- which means you will only catch the easy-to-find vulnerabilities? And what part should an automated pen test play in your overall security strategy? This technical guide examines the pros, cons and unknowns of automated pen testing. It looks at what automating the process can accomplish, but also what still needs human interaction. In its three chapters our experts take a deep look at a variety of issues involving automated pen tests and offer advice on how best to use one. Finally, this Technical Guide considers the reality that, even with the best automated penetration testing system in place, not every single vulnerability will be identified. So a final chapter touches on what else an enterprise security system needs besides a pen test to safeguard company data and networks.

About The Author

Kevin Beaver

Kevin Beaver is an information security consultant, writer, ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Getting started with automated penetration testing
  • Facing the realities of automated penetration testing
  • Network penetration testing isn't working: Why you still get hacked

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