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Advances in access governance strategy and technology

Get the info you need on 21st-century identity and access management. It will update you on technological advances and inform you on recent efforts by the FIDO Alliance and others to (finally!) replace passwords.


In IT security, access governance is all about reducing to the extent possible the risk that comes with end users, specifically the danger of excessive or unnecessary access privileges to systems and data. This includes the issue of setting strategy and policy to guide who has access to what; avoiding privilege creep; updating authentication processes; and keeping costs contained. The end goal is for the enterprise to put in place a secure authentication and access process -- and keep it up to date.

As the tools and methods evolve, an enterprise access governance system must also evolve. This guide looks at the parameters of identity and access management now, with an eye to keeping IT security pros updated on the latest developments in identity and access management.


Using biometrics to secure access governance

In a world where hackers need to just one weak spot, IT security pros need to use every tool available to protect corporate systems. Biometric technologies are a tool you can’t afford not to employ. Learn why, and how.


Are biometrics the answer to secure authentication?

IT security has to be everywhere while hackers just need to find a single weak spot to do their damage. That’s why it makes sense to add the most advanced methods, like biometrics, to an enterprise's identity and access management strategy. Continue Reading

Using biometric authentication on mobile devices

Passwords and PINs aren't enough now to secure mobile. Enter biometrics, the best way now to secure authentication on mobile devices, though it's not without its drawbacks. Continue Reading


Is biometric security ready for corporate primetime?

Using biometrics for access governance in the enterprise presents some unique challenges. Can they be overcome? Continue Reading


Security for applications: What tools and principles work?

Better app security requires both designing security in and protecting it from without. Learn how to work it from both angles and what tools you'll need for the job. Continue Reading

2MFA tools and techniques-

Au revoir, passwords; bon jour multifactor authentication

Keeping control over who has access to valuable and sensitive company data and systems demands moving past the username/password approach to IAM. Get up to speed on using multifactor authentication by reviewing these timely materials.


Setting up two-factor authentication in the enterprise

Better access governance means moving away from the old username/password combo. See how 2FA advanced a secure authentication strategy Continue Reading


Get up to date on two major advances in authentication

Considering biometric authentication? Or maybe multifactor? Learn the pros and cons of each and how they might be used in conjunction. Continue Reading


It's time to move on from the password era of authentication

It's more critical than ever to IT security to keep tabs on who is accessing enterprise systems and data. Saying "hi" to truly secure authentication means saying "bye" to passwords. Continue Reading


Explore the knowledge factors that work best with mobile

Improved access governance can be achieved for mobile devices by using two-factor authentication methods and tools. But a key question is what knowledge factors will be most effective. Continue Reading


Does a multifactor authentication app really work?

Multifactor authentication apps promise to up security on mobile devices but there are pros and cons to adding MFA to apps. Continue Reading

3Future strategies-

Effective IAM strategy and advanced tech truly vital now

Desperate times calls for cutting-edge measures. Learn the many ways -- from the FIDO Alliance to the development of cryptographic keys -- those at the forefront of IT security are developing strategic means and advanced tech to protect company assets.


FIDO, all grown up now and ready to work

There have been some frustrations in the creation and development of the FIDO Alliance but it can work well in any enterprise access governance strategy. Learn how. Continue Reading


Time to modernize your approach to access governance

Most companies' identity and access strategies could use an update. Could yours? Continue Reading


IAM systems get schooled by machine learning

Machine learning technologies are taking root in company IAM systems. What's the appeal? Can it really work and are there risks you need to be aware of? Continue Reading


Identity federation management: The pros and the cons

In mobile, identity federation is fairly new tech. Which means it still has some challenges. Learn to deploy it painlessly. Continue Reading


Move over password; here come cryptographic keys

The phishes have come for your password; secure authentication by switching to the use of cryptographic keys. Continue Reading

4Terms to know-

A glossary of key identity and access governance terms

Identity and access issues are complex and come with their own terminology. You’ll be better equipped to understand current IAM methods, products and strategies if you make these terms part of your vocabulary.

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