An enterprise guide to Windows XP security after end of updates for XP

Last updated:April 2014

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It's over. Now what?

Microsoft has ended security updates for its Windows XP operating system following the Apr. 8, 2014, XP end-of-life date. The software giant has encouraged enterprises to migrate to a new operating system, but many organizations either haven't completed their transitions, or simply ignored the warnings.

It's not too late to act. SearchSecurity has gathered its best resources in this guide to help enterprises understand the urgent security risk posed by Windows XP systems, the options for securing the legacy OS prior to a migration and the key tactics to include when upgrading or migrating to a newer, more secure Windows platform.

1Windows XP end-of-life triage: XP security tactics

A Windows XP migration can't happen overnight, and many organizations find themselves having to secure XP in the interim, without XP updates from Microsoft. Is it even possible? While experts advise transitioning as soon as possible, this advice can help limit the risk until the migration is complete.

2Windows XP end-of-life transition: XP migration planning

Whether your organization is fast-forwarding to its Windows XP upgrade or is already working on the transition, check out SearchSecurity's best advice on making the business case, choosing which OS to upgrade to and ensuring the process is as smooth as possible.