Antimalware tools and techniques security pros need right now

Last updated:September 2016

Editor's note

Even as attacks become more targeted and sophisticated, the delivery mechanism for the vast majority of outsider attacks comes in some form of malware. So detecting and mitigating malware remains a top priority, which means new and better antimalware tools are essential.

This guide reviews the latest malware attacks -- where they’re coming from and how they work -- and then delves into the specifics of malware defenses. It reviews the basics of how antimalware tools work, discusses the strategic decisions that need to be made to fight malware now and even provides a handy glossary so you can be sure you’re up to date on the latest terminology.

With this guide, you can begin to fight back against the malware already attempting to assault your enterprise systems.

1Learn how the latest malware attacks work

Malware is an ongoing battle; we can be certain that attackers will continue to develop new malicious code to try to evade your antimalware systems. Here's a look at how some of the latest attacks work.

2Malware today requires improved strategies

Security pros continue to fight increasingly clever attacks taking aim at lower-hanging fruit: smartphones, mobile apps, social media and other cloud services. These rich targets require new antimalware tools and protection strategies. Learn how to mitigate these multifaceted malware threats.

3Key antimalware terms

To talk defense strategy and antimalware tools, you need to know the lingo first. Here are the key terms used when speaking about malware threats and antimalware techniques.