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Cyberthreats, cyber vulnerabilities, and how to fight back

Today's cyberthreats seems to be ever-expanding and shapeshifting too. This guide examines the latest cyberattacks enterprises must contend with and what cyber vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited.


Cyberthreats are spreading fast and growing more damaging to business systems and data. This guide gathers TechTarget's latest insights and advice on the subject of cyber vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them. It's intended to aid information security professionals by bringing them up to date on the cyberattacks they must prepare for now. Topics covered include nation-state cyberattacks and NSA spyware.

Understanding the source of possible threats to company's networks, data centers and other enterprise resources is step one. Infosec pros must also get a handle on their particular enterprise's key cyber vulnerabilities. With this information, they can then assess the promise of available countermeasures.

1Growing cyberthreats-

Cyber vulnerabilities are growing in both number, amplitude

Cyber vulnerabilities and the lethality of cyberattacks are increasing by the month, according to recent reports. It seems like every aspect of company networks are data are under threat, from cloud-based resources to on-premises systems. Preparing for the worst is essential. In this segment learn more about the very real threat from ransomware, web application and DDoS attacks.


Web application attacks present a significant threat to the cloud

New research found that web application attacks present a significant threat to cloud environments. Rob Shapland explains the risks and what enterprises should do about them. Continue Reading


NotPetya one of the worst ransomware attacks to date

NotPetya, WannaCry and other ransomware have caused unprecedented damage to businesses, infrastructure and users, say threat researchers Continue Reading


Cyber attackers target manufacturing

Manufacturers are a key and growing target for cyber criminals, a threat intelligence report reveals Continue Reading


Ransom DDoS attacks soar

The use of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to extort money from organisations is on the rise, warns security firm Kaspersky Lab Continue Reading


Preparing for potential IPv6 attacks

Enterprises learn how to prepare for IPv6 with DDoS attack tools. Michael Cobb further addresses the inevitable attacks and what users can do. Continue Reading

2Nation-state cyberattacks-

Other nations' governments are a growing cyberthreat

Nation-states used to go to war; now the battle is often waged via the internet. But although the conflict is virtual, the stakes are very real. Learn about the cyber vulnerabilities that state-sponsored hackers seek to exploit. This section gathers the insights from major experts on the threat that nation-state cyberattacks pose to companies now and what infosec pros can do about them.


Most cyberattacks come from nation-state actors

Companies of all sizes may find themselves faced with highly capable state-sponsored cyber attacks, but steps can be taken to shore up defences Continue Reading


Valerie Plame warns of increased nation-state cyberattacks

At the 2017 Cloud Identity Summit, former covert CIA officer Valerie Plame discussed the increasing risks of nation-state cyberattacks focused on geopolitical influence. Continue Reading


Nation-state cyberattacks have changed the security game

Microsoft's Brad Smith spoke at RSA Conference 2017 about the effects of nation-state cyberattacks and what businesses and governments can do about them. Continue Reading


Former NSA director warns of rising nation-state cyberattacks

Speaking at RSA Conference 2017, former NSA Director Keith Alexander warned of increased nation-state cyberattacks and called for an overhaul of U.S. government cybersecurity. Continue Reading

3National security agency-

NSA: Threat source or cyberattack victim?

The U.S. National Security Agency is the government department responsible for collecting information on foreign entities and protecting American communications networks and information services. This usually low-profile agency found itself in newspaper headlines lately both for being the victim of a breach and as the source of spyware used on Americans. Read more here about the cyber vulnerabilities this NSA spyware created.


NSA data breach ramps up Russia fears

An NSA contractor became the target of a cyberattack after storing agency spying software on a personal device, and this NSA breach has caused a rise in fears regarding Russia. Continue Reading


Kaspersky explains how NSA data was uploaded

Malware detection triggered an upload of data from a National Security Agency contractor’s home computer, Kaspersky Lab says an internal investigation has revealed Continue Reading


Kaspersky antivirus scans implicated in NSA breach

In this week's Risk & Repeat podcast, SearchSecurity editors discuss reports implicating Kaspersky antivirus scans in the recently disclosed breach at the National Security Agency. Continue Reading


WannaCry ransomware based on NSA exploit

Microsoft blames the U.S. government for cyberweapon stockpiling as WannaCry ransomware infections continue to spread, though some experts say Microsoft shares responsibility. Continue Reading


NSA spyware found infecting tens of thousands worldwide

A new security tool will let users scan their systems for the presence of NSA spyware found in the latest Equation Group leak, and tens of thousands are already infected. Continue Reading

4Cyberthreat defenses-

Means for minimizing your cyber vulnerabilities

While the cyberthreats seem to never-ending, those intent on fighting them, and defending company systems and data, are taking action. In this section, read up on the latest methods for minimizing cyber vulnerabilities, including cognitive technology and machine learning.


Blocking zero-day attacks with cognitive technology

Cognitive technology can aid IT teams in zero-day attack prevention and vulnerability detection -- if you know the right way to deploy it. Continue Reading


Securing SQL Server

In this excerpt from chapter nine of Securing SQL Server, author Denny Cherry discusses why SQL injection attacks are so successful. Continue Reading


How to spot attacks that are targeted

Cybercriminals use targeted attacks to endanger the future of your organization. Learn what defensive moves you can put in place now to avoid more severe attacks later on. Continue Reading


Using threat intelligence to mitigate possible risk

Threat intelligence technology can analyze data to forecast future attacks and provide actionable countermeasures. Learn if it is suitable for your enterprise. Continue Reading


Security analytics needs serious resources

What key things should organisations be doing in terms of cyber defences to ensure they are resilient? Continue Reading

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