Evaluating data loss prevention tools and technology

Last updated:November 2014

Editor's note

Data loss prevention is a technique used to prevent users from sending critical corporate information outside of the business. While the technology seems pretty simple, its implementation and features aren't necessarily that easy to understand.

In this Essential Guide featuring security expert Rich Mogull, learn the ins and outs of data loss prevention tools and technology -- all the way from knowing how to decide whether your organization should include it in its information security program to evaluating potential vendors and tools.

1What data loss prevention has to offer

Data loss prevention does more than just prevent the loss of data. Learn more about the top benefits DLP has to offer your organization.

2DLP features and functions

Data loss prevention products come in numerous shapes and sizes, most offering different functions and features. Learn more about the technology and what to expect from DLP implementation.

3The data loss prevention marketplace

The data loss prevention marketplace is vast, filled with many different vendors and products. Knowing what you're looking for rather than jumping in feet first is critical to finding the DLP vendor and product that best suits your enterprise security needs.

4Finalizing the DLP deal

At this stage in the game, you should understand what data loss prevention is, the benefits it has to offer, and what to look for in potential vendors and products. However, before making your final purchase, it is critical to understand if your organization needs DLP. Get help deciding.