Evaluating mobile device management products and services

Last updated:October 2014

Editor's note

Employees today are insisting on using their personal smartphones and tablets for professional purposes, which in turn is forcing enterprises to adopt products and services to not only enable ubiquitous access but also keep corporate data and systems secure.

Mobile device management (MDM) is one such technology that is critical to securing a mobile enterprise. In this guide, mobile security expert Lisa Phifer discusses how MDM products and services can help enterprises enable safe, productive mobile worker access to corporate networks, services and data.

Read now to learn all you need to know about the benefits of MDM and the problems it helps solve. Also get help evaluating potential products, services and vendors to find the MDM technology that best suits your company's mobile security needs.

1Evaluating what MDM has to offer

Mobile device management products can help improve the security of smartphone- and tablet-wielding employees -- but how? What features should your enterprise look for? What capabilities does it need? Learn about the MDM options your organization should consider during product and service evaluation.

2What to look for in an MDM vendor and product

When choosing an MDM product or service, you can't simply walk into a store and pull one off the shelf. It is critical to fully evaluate potential vendors, products and services to ensure that the one your enterprise ends up with will meet its mobile security needs.

3Making the purchase: Final consideration

You have learned what MDM is, the benefits it has to offer and what to ask potential vendors. It's time to make the final commitment. But before your organization does, be sure to learn principles behind MDM deployment and final considerations to make before sealing the deal.