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How to attack DDoS threats with a solid defense plan

Attack DDoS threats by staying well-informed about what your systems are up against and using that knowledge to craft an anti-DDoS program. Our collection of expert insights and advice will get you prepared.


"Delay is the deadliest form of denial," said British historian C. Northcote Parkinson. He was writing a century ago, but his words still ring true. Especially when it comes to coping with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which are growing more sophisticated and destructive. But you can attack DDoS threats by understanding them and preparing your defense and response strategies.

This guide delves into all aspects of the DDoS threat. It includes information on the most recent news-making attacks and explains steps you can take right now to protect your systems. It also explores how to create an effective defense strategy to counter DDoS now and in the future.

Not surprisingly, the best offense when it comes to DDoS is a good defense -- that is, a thought-out and well-tested anti-DDoS program. That you'll face a DDoS attack in your career is inevitable. Read on to get up to date on the DDoS attacks coming at you and plan your response now.

1Strategy now-

Why you need to weigh options now for your anti-DDoS program

DDoS attacks are getting sophisticated and ever more destructive. Simply hoping they won’t happen to you, obviously, is no strategy at all. Criminals are out to take down your business, so now’s the time to develop and test your DDoS defense plans. First, learn the nature of this security beast. Then get informed on why an anti-DDoS program is essential and how to go about creating one.


Preventing DoS attacks: The best ways to defend the enterprise

Preventing DoS attacks may not always be possible, but with a strong defense, enterprises can reduce their impact and recover quickly. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the best approaches. Continue Reading


Sharpen your DDoS detection skills with the right tool

DDoS detection and prevention tools are more sophisticated than ever. But finding the right one for your company takes studying and asking vendors the right questions. Continue Reading


Preventing various types of DDoS attacks on your enterprise's systems

The types of DDoS attacks organizations face have grown and size of these attacks has increased. Expert Michael Cobb explains how to secure systems against common DDoS methods. Continue Reading


Tool time: Picking DDoS prevention products

DDoS prevention is an urgent security need for any company. Learn how to select the products and services that will best strengthen your defense against denial-of-service attacks. Continue Reading


How a single ICMPv6 packet can cause a denial-of-service attack

Expert Fernando Gont explains how Internet Control Message Protocol version 6 can be used by threat actors to stage a simple, yet effective, denial-of-service attack. Continue Reading


Can BGP anycast addressing be used for DDoS attacks?

The BGP anycast addressing technique could potentially be used for malicious purposes. Expert Judith Myerson explains how this might work and what types of attacks to look out for. Continue Reading

2Recent attacks-

Knowledge is power: Reports on recent attacks and attack responses

Some recent DDoS attacks paint a scary picture. There are also recent reports that a hacker who needs tech help can now hire it for dollars an hour. Other reports show that often a DDoS attack might be camouflage for something far worse. Learn about recent attacks here and the anti-DDoS programs some organizations are using to thwart them.


Powerful DDoS attacks leveraging IoT devices hit several companies

A series of potent, record-setting DDoS attacks hit several targets last week and apparently used IoT malware to infect and leverage a large number of internet connect devices. Continue Reading


Ransom DDoS attacks on the rise

The use of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to extort money from organisations is on the rise, warns security firm Kaspersky Lab Continue Reading


CLDAP reflection attacks may be the next big DDoS technique

Security researchers discovered a new reflection attack method using CLDAP that can be used to generate destructive but efficient DDoS campaigns. Continue Reading


Corero: Telecom carriers have fallen behind on DDoS defense

Corero Network Security's Dave Larson talks with SearchSecurity about how DDoS defense has changed and why telecom service providers have struggled to keep up with new threats. Continue Reading

3Solid steps-

Solid steps to take now to prevent DDoS attacks

In recent years, DDoS attacks have risen to record levels. Now is the time to protect your enterprise systems and attack DDoS. In this section, our experts show you how with directed, practical advice.


Cloud DDoS protection: What enterprises need to know

DDoS attacks are a continuing problem, and enterprises should consider using cloud DDoS protection services. Expert Frank Siemons discusses the cloud options. Continue Reading


DDoS attacks on your DNS provider: Developing a response strategy

Learn from DNS provider NS1's experience with a DDoS attack. Expert Kevin Beaver has tips on developing a mitigation response for a DNS outage in your own enterprise. Continue Reading


Create a cloud DDoS protection plan

Hackers don't just steal data; they can also crash applications with spam requests and traffic. Protect your cloud against DDoS attacks by employing these tools and techniques. Continue Reading


How to prepare for a cloud DDoS attack on an enterprise

Suffering a cloud DDoS attack is now more likely than ever. Expert Frank Siemons discusses what enterprises need to know about these attacks and how to prevent them. Continue Reading

4Evolving strategy-

How best to attack DDoS threats? With an ever-evolving strategy

As in all things security, the threat is always moving and morphing. In this section our experts cover the latest in DDoS threats, including attacks in the cloud and in the SSDP protocol, among other things. Learn how DDoS attacks are evolving and what you can do to keep your anti-DDoS program up-to-date and effective.


DDoS mitigation services: What to consider before implementation

Before implementing DDoS mitigation services, there are a few things enterprises should consider. Expert Ed Moyle discusses the steps to take to improve security. Continue Reading


DDoS a top security and business issue, study shows

DNS should be at the core of information security strategies as DDoS attacks increasingly form part of wider cyber attacks and continue to ramp up to unprecedented levels, warns Neustar Continue Reading


More DDoS DNS amplification attacks use SSDP than NTP

Black Hat: New research finds DDoS DNS amplification attacks are more likely to use SSDP than NTP and DDoS attacks may generally be smaller than reported. Continue Reading

5Key terms-

To speak the language of DDoS defense, learn these key terms

Every aspect of IT comes with its own specialized terms; why would it be any different with DDoS? Here are some key terms you need to have under your belt as you make plans to attack DDoS.

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