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How to conduct a next-generation firewall evaluation

Surely you've heard of a next-generation firewall, but does your organization really need one? This guide helps you evaluate whether an NGFW is the right fit for your needs and how to find the most suitable product.


Next-generation firewalls represent the next major step in the development of firewall technology, combining the functionality of a traditional firewall with intrusion prevention while also adding detailed application awareness into the mix.

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) bring additional context to the firewall's decision-making process by providing the appliance with the capability of understanding the details of the Web application traffic passing through it and helping it take action to block traffic that could exploit potential vulnerabilities.

This essential guide was designed to help enterprises better make firewall evaluations. It shows them how to cut through the marketing jargon of next-gen firewalls and make clear not only what an NGFW can provide in an enterprise setting but also help the organization determine which features to look for in an NGFW to ensure it best fulfills business needs.

1The ins and outs of NGFWs-

An intro to next-gen firewalls

The NGFW emerged after the need to combine the functionality of a traditional firewall and intrusion prevention system arose. However, the ins and outs of the technology elude many security departments, leaving them wondering if it's all just marketing jargon or reality. Learn the truth here.


NGFWs: Seeing through the marketing hype

A next-gen firewall sounds like a great technology, but will one really suit your enterprise's security needs? Get help with firewall evaluations and learn whether your enterprise should include an NGFW in its security strategy. Continue Reading

2The benefits of an NGFW -

What can a next-generation firewall do for your enterprise?

An NGFW is good for more than just consolidating firewall and IPS functions into a single product. Next-gen firewalls also help manage and protect against traffic on unknown ports, help implement identity-based policies, and secure remote and mobile users.


Combine IPS and firewall technologies with an NGFW

Learn about the greatest benefit of a next-generation firewall: its ability to combine in one product administrative and policy resources for traditional IPS and firewalls. Continue Reading


Three additional benefits of a next-gen firewall

Did you know a next-gen firewall can help secure remote users, mitigate unknown attacks and improve identity awareness in the enterprise? Learn more about these benefits. Continue Reading

3NGFW vendors and products-

Evaluating next-generation firewall vendors

Buying a next-generation firewall is a big decision to make, so don't jump in feet-first. Prior to making a buying decision, it is critical to know the criteria for making an evaluation on a number of factors, including integration, support options, functionality, product benefits and tradeoffs. Read on to learn more about these criteria and other "seal the deal" considerations.


Firewall vendors: Must-ask questions

Finding the next-generation firewall vendor that suits your company's needs can be challenging. These 11 questions will help ease the evaluation process for your business. Continue Reading

4Is an NGFW in your future?-

What your enterprise needs to know before an NGFW purchase

So your organization thinks it is ready for a next-generation firewall? This section offers a number of final items to consider prior to sealing the deal on an NGFW purchase, about both the NGFW vendor and the product itself, to ensure your organization gets the most out of this investment.


Is an NGFW your best bet?

Is an NGFW your only option, or should your company instead consider a unified threat management (UTM) system? Learn key criteria that will help your business finalize the decision-making process. Continue Reading


Buying an NGFW: Final factors

Has your enterprise considered the real cost of deploying an NGFW? How about vendor support options? Check out final considerations to take into account prior to buying an NGFW. Continue Reading

5Must-know NGFW terms-

Next-generation firewall definitions

This glossary contains terms that security pros should be familiar with when embarking on their next-generation firewall journey.

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