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Mobile endpoint security: What enterprise infosec pros must know now

Mobile devices have flooded the enterprise and now mobile endpoint security is a key part of every security pro's job. Read this guide and rise to the security challenge.


Managing issues of endpoint security involving employee-owned mobile devices is a key part of the security professional's job description. Not only must corporate data and networks be protected from hackers targeting enterprise systems; mobile endpoints now, too, must be defended. There's nothing obvious or easy about the mobile endpoint security challenge. This era of mobile workers using multiple devices has expanded the attack surface for hackers; meanwhile, the IT department's ability to control employee-owned endpoints has gotten increasingly complex. This guide looks at all aspects of the mobile challenge for enterprise security and offers up various approaches IT pros can take, from strategy to tools and training. It looks, too, toward the future to outline the likeliest challenges ahead when it comes to mobile device security. 


Start with a mobile endpoint security strategy

An effective mobile endpoint security program start with strategy, and that must include a detailed plan for securing the mobile devices employees bring to the enterprise enterprise. This section offers guidance on crafting a comprehensive strategy that considers how mobility affects security strategy, what aspects within a strategy should get top priority now, and more.


Mobile security strategy matures with BYOD

The basic level of mobile security is to protect data and access to a network, but understanding the needs of mobile users and their devices is the key to maturing that strategy. Continue Reading


DARPA project could help with mobile security in the enterprise

A DARPA project seeks researchers from academia and business to improve security for mobile networks and devices. The program could bring better tools for the enterprise. Continue Reading


Mobile browser security, compatibility should be top priorities

As mobile web apps increase in popularity, cross-platform browser compatibility becomes a top priority. IT also needs to keep an eye on browser security. Continue Reading

Blog Post

The first steps of understanding mobile security

We live in a very mobile heavy society and many enterprises have mobility at the center of their IT strategy. As such, it can't help to understand mobile security better and equipping your ... Continue Reading

2Tools and training-

The tools to battle the threats that mobile endpoints invite

When the mobile era dawned, so did the new age of mobile security threats. But with the proper tools and training, enterprise assets can be defended. Here's your guide to what tools exist and what training enterprise employees need to help keep company data and networks secure.


To find the best endpoint security tools, focus on these features

Finding the best endpoint security for your enterprise is a complex, ever-changing task. Learn what features tools offer now to protect endpoints touching the enterprise systems. Continue Reading


App container, app wrapping and other emerging mobile security tactics

Threats evolve, so your mobile security must too. Learn how an app container, app wrapper and other tactics help keep bad guys away from corporate assets. Continue Reading


Four ways to defend against a mobile security breach

No company is safe from potential data leaks and breaches. To combat the biggest mobile security challenges, IT needs a four-pronged line of defense. Continue Reading


Top mobile security threats IT needs to know about

With mobile devices on the rise in the workplace, it is imperative to know the top security threats these devices bring with them, plus how to prevent breaches from happening. Continue Reading


How to achieve secure mobile device management

Laptops and phones are critically important in the era of BYOD, but safety can only be achieved with secure mobile device management. Continue Reading


Focusing on the endpoints themselves is a crucial security step

Strategy, policy, training and tools are all must-haves. But to achieve true enterprise security in the mobile age requires spending time and effort focusing on the endpoints themselves. Here are some things to consider when forming your mobile endpoint security training.


Android security policies all enterprises should adopt

Securing Android devices in the enterprise can seem like an uphill task. Applying these Android security policies might reduce the struggle security professionals face. Continue Reading


Virtual containers help refocus modern endpoint security strategy

As companies struggle to protect constantly expanding attack surfaces, virtual containers could quickly become essential to companies' endpoint security strategy. Continue Reading


How mobile threat detection tools spot incoming attacks

EMM configurations can help safeguard the enterprise from attacks, but mobile threat detection tools take a different approach to actively pinpoint security issues. Continue Reading


How mobile biometrics can strengthen security

The eye-opening reality: iris scans, and other biometric authentication methods, will soon be used for enterprise mobile security, phasing out the old username and password. Continue Reading

4New issues-

The new issues emerging for mobile endpoint security

Every season seems to bring with it a new type of device. And with the latest cyber toys come new cyberthreats. As the saying goes, the only constant is change -- so it’s important to keep your understanding of mobile endpoint security up to date. Learn what security considerations are key and how they can be balanced with issues like privacy and access.


Mobile security technology, advances often a double-edged sword

Innovative mobile security technology has been developed to offset vulnerabilities, but using cutting-edge solutions such as automation could come back to haunt IT execs. Continue Reading


Why the worst mobile security risks just won't go away

The biggest mobile security threats aren't hiding in the shadows. For IT admins who don't properly secure mobile devices and apps, the monster is in the mirror. Continue Reading


Mobile privacy policy concerns complicate security

Keep it secret, keep it safe -- that's what mobile users want for their personal data, even if it's on a work device. Enter the need for mobile device privacy policies in the workplace. Continue Reading


How to balance access needs and mobile data security concerns

Mobile workers need to access corporate data, but giving them open access is often easier said than done. Businesses must balance users' wants with mobile data security concerns. Continue Reading


How user privacy policies can quell IT spying fears

If users feel like somebody's watching them, they could be right, but it's probably not IT spying. Companies need user privacy policies to ease employees' minds and protect data. Continue Reading

5Terms to know-


Part of keeping up with developments in mobile endpoint security, and the security field in general, is keeping up with the terminology. In this module we've gathered definitions to the key terms in this ever-changing industry.

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