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RSA 2014: News, analysis and video from RSA Conference 2014

Find out what's happening in the information security industry with breaking news via reporting, video and tweets by the SearchSecurity team at RSA's 2014 conference in San Francisco.


The RSA Conference is the information security industry's biggest annual conference. The show runs from Feb. 24-28 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Check back often to find out if RSA 2014 will address criticism about its ties to the NSA and secret surveillance programs. Read our editors' on-site coverage of breaking news and the issues facing information security pros. Visit this one-stop shop to get all the news that matters from RSA Conference 2014.

Top Stories

Boycott or not, infosec giants on the defensive
The 2014 RSA Conference boycott fizzled, but RSA, Microsoft and other companies aggressively spoke out against allegations that they have ever colluded with the National Security Agency.

TrustyCon: U.S. data privacy laws offer little protection from FBI seizures
Attorney Marcia Hofmann says without new data privacy laws, the FBI can strong-arm providers into handing over customers' sensitive data.

In 2014 DBIR preview Verizon says data breach response gap widening
Verizon is touting its largest-ever data set for the 2014 DBIR, but the gap is widening between when breaches happen and when they're discovered.


Advanced attacks and defenses

Whether it's mega-DDoS attacks, nation-state cyberespionage or tried-and-true methods like phishing, the cyberattack landscape has never been more diverse and dangerous. Learn about the latest cyberattack trends and defense tactics from experts at RSA Conference 2014.


Opinion: RSA/NSA timeline issues have plausible explanation

RSA says it adopted the Dual EC algorithm in 2004, meaning an alleged 2006 NSA payoff makes no sense. But there are plausible explanations. Continue Reading


Principles key to digital world, says Microsoft

The world needs to set norms around behavior in cyber space, says Scott Charney, corporate vice president, Trustworthy Computing Group at Microsoft. Continue Reading


Tools make or break insider threat program

Effective insider threat detection tools are critical to a successful enterprise insider threat program, according to a speaker at RSA Conference 2014. Continue Reading


What’s coming next?

Security researchers delivered their 2014 outlook on cyberthreats at the RSA Conference, highlighting dangerous attacks and ways to defend again them. Continue Reading


Cisco unveils first security products via Sourcefire acquisition

On the eve of RSA Conference 2014, Cisco announced a new security strategy, new products via its Sourcefire acquisition. Continue Reading


Microsoft launches technical preview of Emet 5.0

Microsoft has launched the technical preview of the latest version of its free enhanced mitigation experience toolkit (Emet) at RSA Conference 2014 in San Francisco. Continue Reading


Analysis: Is cybersecurity the future of security?

The opening keynotes at RSA 2014 show that the same information security mistakes happen over and over. Continue Reading


Analysis: What is RSA’s relationship with the NSA?

After RSA 2014, are we any closer to understanding RSA's relationship with the NSA? Continue Reading


RSA 2014: FBI director promises surveillance with privacy

FBI director James Comey tells RSA Conference 2014 that surveillance is necessary, but promises to ensure privacy Continue Reading


RSA 2014: Microsoft and partners defend botnet disruption

Microsoft and its partners have defended disrupting criminal botnets at RSA Conference 2014 Continue Reading


RSA 2014: Coviello downplays relationship between RSA and NSA

In his 2014 RSA Conference keynote, Art Coviello downplayed RSA's relationship with NSA, inferring different NSA groups cause perception problems. Continue Reading


TrustyCon: Hypponen warns of government malware, loss of vendor trust

At the inaugural TrustyCon event, F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen decried the lack of trust in security vendors like RSA and warned of government malware. Continue Reading


NSA revelations shows potential for police state

At the 2014 CSA Summit, presidential cybersecurity advisor Richard Clarke said NSA monitoring efforts are negatively affecting U.S. cloud providers. Continue Reading


RSA analysis: The endless cycle of recurring infosec mistakes

Blogger and security pro Kevin Beaver says the opening keynotes at RSA 2014 show that the same information security mistakes happen over and over. Continue Reading


TrustyCon sells out amid RSA Conference boycott

Organizers have announced a waitlist for TrustyCon, the upstart event featuring speakers participating in the 2014 RSA Conference boycott. Continue Reading


Researchers: Time to update security analysis methods

Security vendors often claim that attackers are unpredictable, but two Verizon DBIR researchers say better data can find recognizable patterns. Continue Reading

2Disruptive technologies-

Cloud, BYOD and big data

Cloud computing, big data and the consumerization of IT are having a tremendous effect on enterprise information security programs. Learn what experts and practitioners are doing to get ahead of the negative security implications of emerging technologies.


CISOs choose Splunk over SIEM for big data security analytics

A trio of CISOs said that SIEM still has its uses, but when it comes to big data analytics, tools like Splunk are needed. Continue Reading


Does 'old-school' security work with BYOD-SaaS combo?

Panelists at the 2014 Cloud Security Alliance Summit assert that federated identity and gateways are best for BYOD SaaS security. Continue Reading


RSA Conference 2014 analysis: Security topics to keep on the radar

Several information security topics emerged as hot topics at RSA 2014. Learn three security topics enterprises should keep on their radar. Continue Reading


RSA 2014 recap: On NSA surveillance, truth remains elusive

Expert Kevin Beaver shares his highlights of RSA Conference 2014 and offers advice on how to apply the knowledge learned at this year's event. Continue Reading


On cloud data security validation, providers offer few promises

Until a common cloud provider assessment paradigm is agreed upon, experts say enterprises will be left wanting on cloud data security validation. Continue Reading

3Managing security-

Enterprise security management issues

How can an organization survive a data breach? What emerging information protection tactics really matter? Watch right here as we post the answers to these and other vexing enterprise information security management questions posed at RSA Conference 2014.


RSA announces Managed Security Partner program

RSA has announced a program designed to enable a new generation of managed security services. Continue Reading


Strikes, fouls aplenty in 2014 RSA Conference boycott

Eric B. Parizo explains why the 2014 RSA Conference boycott and the MLB Hall of Fame steroids controversy are part of the same story. Continue Reading


Is the RSA conference still relevant?

Michele Chubirka questions whether this year's RSA security conference is really focusing on the right issues. Continue Reading


Standardization key to future security, say experts

According to a panel of experts at RSA 2014, the adoption of security standards to enable automated self-healing systems is key to data protection in the future. Continue Reading


2014 RSA Conference attendance indicates business as usual

Much ink has been spilled about potential boycotts of the 2014 RSA Conference, but most signs indicate that this week's event will be business as usual. Continue Reading


Coviello rejects rumors of deal with NSA

RSA tackles accusations of NSA collusion and calls for international co-operation on cyber security in Coviello’s e opening keynote. Continue Reading


Microsoft urges businesses on Windows XP to migrate

Organisations running Windows XP should migrate to a more recent version of the operating system for security reasons, says Microsoft Continue Reading


RSA 2014: HP exec says security threat analysis should guide strategy

At RSA Conference 2014, HP's Art Gilliland says enterprise security strategy must shift toward smarter spending based on security threat research. Continue Reading


Information security incident response teams need plans and partners

Speakers at RSA Conference 2014 said information security incident response teams must identify and prep key participants well before incidents occur. Continue Reading

4Filmed at the show-

RSA 2014 video

Our editors and reporters talk with security experts on the hottest topics emerging from this year's RSA conference.


Bruce Schneier hints at new Snowden documents, analysis techniques

Video: Security luminary Bruce Schneier details his role in the NSA surveillance revelations and hints at the release of new Edward Snowden documents.


What's next for Cisco security products after Cisco's Sourcefire buy?

Video: Martin Roesch discusses Cisco's plans to combine its policy-centric security technology with Sourcefire's threat-focused products.


How will Cisco-Sourcefire security combo affect Cisco product roadmap?

New Cisco CTO Martin Roesch says the Cisco product roadmap for network security will include a robust NGFW using Sourcefire technology.


File access logs: Marcus Ranum surprised by NSA shortfall

Tenable CSO Marcus Ranum says he's surprised at how little information the NSA seems to have about which documents were stolen by Edward Snowden.


What are the effects of the ongoing NSA encryption-cracking scandal?

Video: Cryptography Research Inc. president Paul Kocher details how the ongoing NSA encryption-cracking scandal affects trusted crypto algorithms.


Insider threat prevention controls to thwart data breach incidents

Randy Trzeciak reviews recent data breach incidents and details the insider threat prevention controls that may have thwarted those attacks.


Point-of-sale security: Targeted malware, Windows XP cause problems

Video: Sophos' Chester Wisniewski explains why targeted malware and the presence of Windows XP are the biggest threats to point-of-sale security.

5Live Tweets on RSA 2014-

RSA coverage on Twitter

Tweets from our reporters, editors and experts at the show.

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