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Tackle endpoint defense issues to obtain the best endpoint security

We're well past a blind reliance on antivirus scanning to achieve the best endpoint protection, but there's also not yet a consensus on which next steps are must-dos. Here's your guide through the endpoint thicket.


Next to perhaps only firewalls, endpoint security figures as the network world's oldest defense focus. But while its history is old, the basic problem of protecting devices has never fully been solved. Rather, the difficulty has increased as the number and kinds of endpoints multiply. Achieving the best endpoint protection, given the rise of mobility and increase in the sophistication of the attacks, is more complicated than ever. But reading this Essential Guide will get you up to speed quickly on everything you need to know to develop a strategy to achieve the best endpoint protection possible, as well as help you in your research and purchase process and the post-purchase management of your new security tool.


Basic endpoint strategies

The best endpoint protection still focuses on stopping malware as it attempts to lodge itself on a system, but achieving success at even this basic level requires a well-articulated strategy.

Blog Post

Morphisec plans to bring back endpoint security – with a twist

Security startup Morphisec has introduced a new approach to defending endpoint devices that turns the tables on attackers. Here's how the company's "moving target defense" technology works. Continue Reading


Six ways to improve endpoint device security

Endpoint devices are often the root cause of data breaches. Expert Eric Cole explains the best ways to improve endpoint protection. Continue Reading


Why signature-based detection isn't enough for enterprises

Signature-based detection and machine learning algorithms identify malicious code and threats. Expert Michael Cobb explains how both techniques defend networks and endpoints. Continue Reading


Understanding footprinting as a predecessor to cyberattacks

Footprinting can often lead to cyberattacks on an enterprise. Expert Ernie Hayden explains the footprinting technique and how it's performed. Continue Reading


The best endpoint security approach in this interconnected age

This handbook looks at the current state of endpoint protection and offers tips on how to best ensure endpoint security in the future. Continue Reading


When endpoint protection goes mobile

Mobile not only invites traditional endpoint attacks, it also creates new realms of vulnerability in areas such as data loss. At this point, approaches to providing security range all across the board.


Evolving mobile security management thwarts unified endpoint management

Experts say unified endpoint management for mobile devices, laptops and desktops will take more time due to the complex, evolving demands of mobile security management. Continue Reading


More endpoints managed is security concern, say IT services firms

The rising number of devices connected to corporate networks is a security challenge for the IT services firms managing these endpoints Continue Reading


Mobile security strategy matures with BYOD

The basic level of mobile security is to protect data and access to a network, but understanding the needs of mobile users and their devices is the key to maturing that strategy. Continue Reading


Mobile data protection options for enterprise CIOs

What mobile data protection tools and options are available to safeguard mobile devices that could potentially be lost or stolen? Find out here. Continue Reading

3Management and response-

Endpoint management and incident response

The downside of the best endpoint security system? An overabundance, at times, of security alerts. But there are tools and alternative methods to make this management and response process easier.


CSA report shows frustrations with security alerts, endpoint agents

New Cloud Security Alliance research shows growing fatigue with security alerts and endpoint agents, as well as growing adoption of IaaS and positive signs for Microsoft Azure. Continue Reading


Endpoint threat detection gets more response

While there’s a major focus on continuous endpoint monitoring and remediation today, security teams have to fight malware on all fronts. Continue Reading


The incident response process is on the clock

No time to prepare for incident handling? Security tools aim to automate the incident response process and help organizations lessen the time between threat detection and response. Continue Reading


A HIP way of securing a wide range of endpoints

The host identity protocol is emerging as an alternative way to secure a range of physical endpoints beyond laptops and smartphones Continue Reading

4What to look for-

Endpoint protection products and tools

Searching for products that will deliver the best endpoint protection can be complicated. How do you identify the tools suited to your system’s needs? What questions should you ask to whittle down your short list? Read the following to help focus your vendor and product selection process.


What endpoint protection software is on your short list?

Roughly half of survey respondents indicated that their organization is shifting away from static scanning as the primary protection for endpoints. Continue Reading


Endpoint protection: How to select virtualization security tools

Most virtualization security tools still follow dedicated agent models, but some technologies are starting to offload resources to a dedicated VM and leverage hypervisor APIs. Continue Reading


Ten questions to ask endpoint security vendors

Evaluating endpoint security vendors and their products can be a challenging task. Expert Karen Scarfone outlines 10 must-ask questions to start your list. Plus, check out a list of comprehensive endpoint security vendors Continue Reading


Integrated security suite advantages and drawbacks

Can an integrated security suite provide advantages in cost and performance? We look at key focus areas for security practitioners as security tools increasingly converge. Continue Reading


Is a security cloud service your best endpoint defense?

Cloud technologies often have a bad reputation when it comes to security, but that may be unfair. Is the cloud the best answer for securing the endpoints in your enterprise? Continue Reading


Endpoint data protection products offer backup, file sync and security

Today's crop of endpoint and mobile data protection products blend backup, file sync and security functionality to increase user productivity while protecting against data loss. Continue Reading

5Words to know-

Endpoint glossary

Part of keeping up with developments in endpoint security, and the security field in general, is keeping up with the terminology. In this module we've gathered definitions to the key terms in this ever-changing industry.

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