Understanding endpoint security products, features and vendors

Last updated:January 2015

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Each device that connects to the corporate network must be adequately secured to prevent breaches and the loss of sensitive data. However, with the average employee using anywhere from one to eight-plus devices -- including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and business-required specialized equipment -- the task of securing these various employee-owned and corporate-issued endpoints can be daunting for any size business to say the least.

In this guide featuring security expert Karen Scarfone, take a look into the core of endpoint security software -- from what the technology is and the benefits it offers to how perform an evaluation of vendors and their products.

Whether your business is evaluating an endpoint security suite purchase or if it needs help deciding which features to look for, this guide will help every step of the way.

1How to evaluate endpoint security vendors and products

Knowing about different companies and the products they offer is a critical part of the evaluation process. However, the endpoint security marketplace can be a confusing place to maneuver. Uncover questions your enterprise should ask potential vendors, as well as a list of comprehensive endpoint security vendors your enterprise should have on its short list.

2Endpoint protection: Security must-have?

Endpoint security isn't always the best option for all organizations. So how do you know if it's best for your business security needs? Take a look at how to decide whether an integrated endpoint security suite or point products would be more beneficial in your organization, and uncover final considerations to keep in mind before investing to ensure your business gets the biggest bang for its buck.