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Unified threat management devices: Understanding UTM and its vendors

Unified threat management appliances combine multiple security technologies into one device. Karen Scarfone explains how UTM works, its pros and cons, what buyers need to know and how to find the best product.


Companies are increasingly finding the idea of unified threat management (UTM) devices attractive, and vendors are responding with a range of products. While smaller companies were the logical adopters of UTM technology, now even giant enterprises see the benefits UTM has to offer.

If UTM is in your organization's future, there are several factors to consider before purchasing, including how the product incorporates various security elements, the scale of its deployment and whether it should be hardware or a virtual product.

This essential guide on UTM appliances outlines critical questions to ask potential UTM vendors and provides insight on the UTM features that will best meet your enterprise requirements. Click through now to learn more.

1UTM basics-

The ins and outs of unified threat management

Organizations today are facing attacks from a variety of threat vectors looking to take them down. Unfortunately, a single security strategy is incapable of keeping a business safe. What companies need is a layered defense that integrates multiple technologies into one overarching strategy. Vendors are responding to this need with unified threat management -- a single product or service that offers layers of protection against a wide variety of security challenges.


UTM devices: How they work, what they do

Enterprises are increasingly under attack from advanced threats. Uncover what features a unified threat management device offers to combat your threats. Continue Reading

2UTM benefits-

What does a UTM have to offer?

A unified threat management appliance does more than just combine multiple security technologies into a single device. Major improvements in the way of convenience and price could also result from a UTM deployment. Read on to learn about four major benefits of UTM: a reduction in security incidents; improved security rollouts; reduction in infrastructure, software and labor costs; and minimized latency.


Security benefits of UTM appliances

Explore how a UTM device not only wraps multiple security technologies into one appliance but also helps reduce security incidents. Continue Reading


Reduce costs and minimize latency with UTM

Learn how unified threat management devices can help enterprises reduce costs, minimize latency and improve future security rollouts. Continue Reading

3Technical specs-

The standard features of UTM

You know the seven technologies a unified threat management appliance should have, but what will those seven security capabilities do for your enterprise? Take a look at each main component of a UTM device and learn how it helps enterprises combat today's toughest security issues.


An inside look at UTM appliances

Look at UTM capabilities and learn what major features you should demand from a UTM device. Continue Reading

4Finding the ideal vendor-

UTM vendor overview and questions to ask them

When making any business purchase, it is critical to find the product or service that best fulfills your business needs. But with so many UTM vendors and options, how can you narrow down the list of candidates? Make your purchasing decision a little easier by learning the 10 questions you should ask when evaluating vendors, and then review our comprehensive vendor list.


Questions to ask potential UTM vendors

The top questions you should ask any potential UTM vendor before making a purchasing decision. Continue Reading


UTM vendors: Take a look at the UTM market

This list of UTM vendors can help organizations evaluate potential options and find the best product or service for their needs. Continue Reading

5UTM considerations-

The pros and cons of unified threat management

While there are promises of unified threat management devices aplenty, UTM isn't a one-size-fits-all technology; appliances that work for one organization may not work for another. So how do you know if a UTM will work for your business? Gain further understanding of UTM devices, their pros and cons, and which organizations the technology will benefit the most.


Is a UTM the right appliance for your business?

Unified threat management devices aim to boost security and simplify management, but they aren't for every organization. Continue Reading


The benefits and pitfalls of UTM

Is a UTM appliance the tool your enterprise needs to solve its security woes? Learn about the pros and cons of UTM to get help deciding. Continue Reading

6Purchasing a UTM-

Sealing the deal: Make sure the investment pays off

Purchasing a unified threat management system is a big decision. Once you have figured out what your enterprise needs and the vendors you wish to evaluate, it's time to seal the deal. But before you do, be sure that your enterprise asks itself these five critical questions -- and knows the answers.


Questions to answer before purchasing a UTM device

Inside, uncover five questions your enterprise should ask itself before making the purchasing decision to ensure the investment pays off. Continue Reading


Must-know UTM terms

This glossary contains common terms related to UTM that security pros should be familiar with when evaluating UTM products.

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